Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That time of year? Yep.

Halloween is rolling our way!

October 31st is a big day at our house, for those who don't know.

It's our 19th anniversary!

Colton's 18th birthday!


of course Halloween!

The kids had fun carving up the pumpkins and we roasted the seeds.

Chyann and Caden made this headless horse girl on Sunday.
She even has a stuffed bra on. They couldn't decide on how to mount her pumpkin head so they skipped that

and decided to rope her a horse.

Pretty cute idea. Much better than the scarecrow hanging from the elm that we had one year.

Not too many months ago Colton declared for his 18th birthday he was going to a strip joint. I asked if that was still his plan and his girlfriend (yes he has one who is 19 years old and in college) said No, he wasn't. Guess the plan is to have a bonfire here at the house with a bunch of his friends, which is fine with us. Rather have them here where I can keep an eye one them, than out gallivanting doing who knows what.


~mel said...

I LOVE the headless horseman ... how cute it that!! It certainly sounds like a big day on the 31st for your household. Have fun!!

MrsCaptKerk said...

Yay! Have the happiest of happies! halloween is a fantastic day!

Aunt Krissy said...

I like that sideways pumpkin, good ideal. Also good plan on keeping them all home for the birthday.

crochet lady said...

Those are great looking pumpkins!

Happy birthday to Colton and anniversary to you and your hubby!

My oldest is turning 17 on Halloween. Now sure what we're doing yet.