Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday, oh Sunday

Truly, it was another beautiful day.
They say it isn't going to last though.
Cooler temps are headed our way and I guess that's ok. It is mid-October and all.
My favorite tree almost totally leaf-less.

Chyann and I rode all the ponies again today, you'd think someone - anyone here would think to get out the camera and take some pictures of us riding, but no. Apparently that is the furthest thing from any ones mind. So, no pictures, but I tell ya we sure have been having a blast!

Caught a little football today too.

Casey and I were glad the Viking's won!

Bummer the Packers didn't. Very close game though.
Back to the grind tomorrow. I really have loved my time off. I don't think I even had to yell at anyone either. That in and of itself, makes everything EXTRA special.
Let's hope this next week just flys by!


Aunt Krissy said...

Go Vikings! SOL to the Packers!

Glad that you had a good weekend hope your work week goes good.

tainterturtles said...

It sure was a beautiful weekend. Love your doggie photo...what a sweetie.

crochet lady said...

Oh that's funny about the yelling. I think it's a great day too when I don't have to raise my voice to get the kids moving. Great pic of the pup and the football.