Sunday, October 3, 2010

Frosty morning

Woke up this morning to some frost.
I think it only got down to about 29* for a bit, but that was enough
to coat all the flowers and my remaining pepper plants in the garden.
Another growing season done.

Looks like it is going to be a nice day, if a little chilly, but at least the wind is not blowing. Yesterday it was so damn cold at Caden's football game! Nice and sunny, but there was a NW wind blowing about 20knots that froze me to the bone, even with a winter jacket and blanket. Snow pants and bunny boots would have been nice. Caden's team won again and he made another touchdown!

Pictures from last weekend that I didn't get around to posting during the week.

Chyann riding Cowboy. We've got a grazing muzzle for him and he wears it about 21 hours a day, but it doesn't seem to help in his weight loss regime. Don't know what else to go to get him to drop some weight. He's been wormed. Gets very little hay at meal times. Wears the muzzle most of the day to decrease his intake of grass. We have in the past put him in the barn by himself, but that just makes him one ornery fella, so we don't do that anymore. At this point Chyann tries to exercise him as much as she can.

Cowboy is eying Casey pretty good.

Caden the woodsman, is chopping down one of my cherry trees that died this year. Unfortunately I've got a total of four trees that need to be removed. Two cherry's, one plum and the big elm.

He got right to work after his Dad sharpened up the hatchet for him.

Sure didn't take him long to get it down.

The inside of the tree was all soft and pulpy. Kinda like balsa wood.

Lots of outside chores for us today. Hopefully we'll get the pool covered and the rest of the outside junk put away for another season.
It's bow deer season here so Chyann and I wont be riding horses very far, but I hope to get a good ride in and watch some football.


MrsCaptKerk said...

We got our first frost over night. I was a little excited!

Aunt Krissy said...

it was 22 at my house this am.
I didn't know you had a horse on a diet! Canden is such a good tree chopper.

PAK ART said...

Caden - he's the man! I love pics of your kids doing country stuff! They may not know enough to really appreciate it, but they have THE life!

crochet lady said...

Isn't there some story about some boy chopping down a cherry tree?

He did a good job!
Love that photo of the beautiful sedum plants.