Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scary stuff

When I went out to start the car for work today the porch was full of geese, ducks, chickens and 1 turkey!

Scared the Hell out of me!

As I stepped out onto the porch they started flapping and squawking! Trying to fly into the air!

I froze for a moment then started swinging my arms to bust through the pack of feathers!

As my heart slowed and the birds made their way off the porch I saw an amazing amount of bird crap on the porch!

We are having a box delivered UPS today. Wonder what the driver is going to think about that mess? Because I'm not cleaning it up. Sounds like a job for my lovely children.


Aunt Krissy said...

Poor you! I know how you feel about birds. Maybe one of your wicked kids did that on purpose?

I also agree, sounds like Colten might need to clean that up.

crochet lady said...

Large birds like that make a lot of poop, plus they creep me out. I detest geese.

Lisa said...

I still know where you can find some minks!

They would take care of that mess, heh heh heh.