Monday, September 27, 2010

Water is (occasionally) the enemy

I hadn't realized how much rain we had gotten last week
until Saturday afternoon when I stepped off the back porch and
saw my flowers.

Then took a glance up to the rain gauge. Almost 5" of rain from Wednesday to Thursday afternoon.

The fire pit is full of water that isn't draining.
Don't know what Caden is looking so sour about.

The back pasture area is really going to require some dirt work
before winter.

Good thing the Hubby has a little bob-cat thing.
Otherwise moving all the dirt that is needed would take forever.

Caden sneaking up the hill to check on the turkey that has a nest in the tall grass on the other side of the fence. She has about 14 eggs at last count.

He got a surprise though and the turkey was dead.
The Hubby said something had gotten hold of it and killed it.

I don't think it was our dogs because they have never bothered any fowl that we've had.
Now the neighbors to the East of us have a dog that killed one of our cats last year and the other neighbors to the South East of us have a lab that will come over when she is in heat and pester our dogs. Could have been coyotes though. They've been pretty active in our area recently.

Chyann and I did some horse riding, but not much.
The ground is so soggy it's like walking on a sponge.
I've also had a head cold and haven't felt like getting jostled around.

Colton's band has their first show tonight. They are playing for a neighboring towns homecoming bonfire. We are going to go and video tape it for them. He's pretty nervous. Lets hope shakes that off and does well.

Caden's football team won their game on Saturday.
He even got another touchdown!


crochet lady said...

We headed up to the U.P. over the weekend. Some roads were closed and where every there was a bridge and water - it was very close to the road.

Hope the band does well tonight.

Yay, Caden! Watching the our kids play in sports sure is fun.

Aunt Krissy said...

Go Caden! I'm sure that the boys will do good. They hav been practicing right?

tainterturtles said...

All this rain is unbelievable.

You guys are always so busy. Hopefully you can find some time to relax between Caden's games, Colton's band performances, and Chyann's horse riding. Isn't it exhausting being a mom???