Monday, September 20, 2010

Football, thrift sales and other fun

As usual the weekend flew by with no computer time.
Caden had his first football game on Saturday morning.
It was soo cold out.
Even with two blankets and coats we all froze up in the stands.
Was worth it to see Caden make his first touchdown of the season!
He was so proud of himself.

After the game we headded to town for the weekly shopping. On a whim we stopped at a thrift sale and my, oh my did we hit the MOTHER LOAD!

Lots of cute clothes for Chyann (a few for me even) and Caden got some goodies also. Right down the road was another sign so we stopped there too. ANOTHER fantastic stop. The gal was packing items up in her truck to take to goodwill and told Chyann she could HAVE any clothes she liked! Holy cow was that girl in hog heaven! I got a very nice picture for a buck and this lovely little bowl. Not to mention a horse shower curtain still in it's original packaging and a rug to match both for a buck!

Then on the next thrift sale they were selling big boxes of Lego's for 10 bucks a box. The Hubby made a deal to get one for eight bucks. The lady wouldn't make a deal for all three that they had, so we only got one, but anyone who has ever purchased Lego's knows what a smoking deal this was! Caden was soo thrilled.

What a day! I love those good thrift sales! Guess that's because I'm so cheap!

Kris came over Saturday evening and we had a nice dinner and visit.

Sunday Chyan and I rode horses for hours. No kidding.

I rode Jenny, Gypsy and Scotch. She rode Casper, Cowboy, Gypsy and Jenny.

Every horse got saddle time and every horse did great.

I could barely walk last night I was soo stiff and sore.

That's the bad part of my new job. You sit on your arse all day and come the weekend I'm so much more active it about kills me. I suppose I should do some kind of exercise during the week so I don't suffer as much on the weekends, but when is the problem. Going to have to fit it in somewhere otherwise I'm in for some real trouble down the road.

The apples are ready and they are delicious.

I've really got to do something with them.

The turkey is sitting on a huge clutch of eggs. Guess we'll see if any hatch.

Happy Monday.

Let's hope this week flys by as fast as the weekend did.


Aunt Krissy said...

Yea! For Caden on his first touch down. I need to go with you on these thrift sales. I never hit the jack pot.

crochet lady said...

I just love it when you hit a thrift sale and you find just the right things. It's even more fun for the kids.

tainterturtles said...

I love thrift sale goodies. You did hit the jack pot...good for you and the kids.

Wow, that apple tree is amazing. Lots of apple sauce and apple pies for your family!!!

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