Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn changes and Hopeful signs

A Look south west from the back pasture.
The sumac seems like the first to start it's color change.
A few trees here and there have spots of red.
The evenings are chilly and dark is coming earlier.
The mornings are wet with dew that will be freezing soon.
Autumn is change.

I haven't mentioned Casey lately.
When my Dad was here, she would drag her hind-end
around so she could go where she wanted on her own.
Seeing her like that made my Dad cringe and softly say maybe
she should be put down because it was hard to watch and
she must be miserable.

And believe me there have been times these last four months
when I've thought the same.

Chyann has always said give her time, she'll get better.
For her sake I've really hoped she would recover,
but haven't really given Casey good odds.

All of the sudden Casey can get her legs under her body and
attempt to walk/shuffle. Most of the time her toes are
folded back, but when she does get her paws flat on the floor
she can swing them to do a wobbly step or two!

She mostly puts on these displays of wonder in the morning and are hard to catch on camera because they happen so fast.

I'd say she is definately showing signs of imporvement.
Wouldn't you?


PAK ART said...

I'm glad Casey appears to be getting a little better, but I really think some of the damage in her back must be permanent...dachshunds are prone to back problems and paralysis. She's a tough little dog though isn't she?

Aunt Krissy said...

I think that's a good sign! Maybe soon she will be able to drag herself outside to poop! That will be a happy day.