Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Additions

Came home from work last night to two excited kids.
They could not wait to show me what their Daddy had brought
home from work.
Had to do the eyes closed, get dragged to the barn thing
where I stepped in a pile of turkey crap in my work shoes!
To see that the Hubby had brought home 2 ducks,
1 goose and 3 chickens.
They are separated from our chickens and turkey for
the time being.
The Hubby has a friend that had all these feathered fowl
and his wife got tired of them crapping on her porch so
he gave them to us.
Lucky me.
No pictures yet.
Soon, though.
It's hump day and I got confirmation that my Daddy is
really coming on Friday. Gonna be busy until then.
Deep breath...


crochet lady said...

Yes, lucky you.

Aunt Krissy said...

Yes you are a very lucky wife! Ducks, got to love them so you don't kill them.

Lisa said...

Aren't you lucky. Wanna borrow a few minks?