Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday fun

Aaah, it's a looong weekend!
How nice to have three whole days off.

Yesterday was laundry and floor day.
Gotta get the heavy stuff done this weekend since my Dad
is coming on Friday.

Sure wish we had a new couch.
Ours is just disgusting!
We've had it for over eight years,
add three kids and three indoor dogs - plus a cat or two
and you can imagine how it looks.
Think I'll be putting quilts over it in hopes that they
will pass for couch covers..
What the hell, right?

Big bonus with my Dad coming next weekend is
our town is having it's annual Fireman's Parade and
both Colton and Chyann will be marching in it!
(Caden will be gathering candy)

Having lived away from my Dad for so long he has only
once managed to make it to one of my kids' school
functions. So, this is a big deal for me, having him to see
the kids march with their bands in the parade.

After the parade at the fair grounds will be a penny hunt
and small pedal tractor pull.
Caden is very excited!

Got myself a new phone yesterday too.
Same number, but I've lost all my contacts.
If I had your number please email it to me
because it is irretrievable from my old phone.
New phone has a mp3 player so I can listen
to music at work. Now if I can figure out how it put
the music on the phone I'll be good to go.

Was hoping to make more salsa this weekend, but my
tomato's are done. Bummer. I'll have to buy them if I
want to make more I guess.

Got lots of apples though.
Chyann showing the most perfect apple she's ever seen
from our trees.

Chyann ran in the house yesterday saying she and Caden were going to go riding. I think that's great they are playing together and enjoying the horses, so I said have fun. Didn't realize they were riding double on Cowboy till I looked out the window.

I think both of them together are too heavy for Cowboy so I told them to quit and ride a bigger horse double.

But they rode off , up and around the yard once more. Cowboy did just fine and can probably do it with no problems, but why take the chance when they can ride Scotch.

Found a stick bug on the van the other day.

The black walnut tree is putting out nuts for the first time in seven years.

With the horses out mowing there is a lot of crap to clean up and that is Cadens job. We've sure got a good compost pile going this year.

Rode horses with Chyann last evening. We had a great time, until the sun began to set and the skeeters came out to eat us alive! They were horrible. We couldn't get home fast enough!

Note to self: Lots of bug spray when we ride today.

Also our weather has turned cool. I'm closing the windows and have an extra blanket on the bed at night. I'm glad this cool weather is only going to last for a few more days - I love the heat!


Aunt Krissy said...

I used to have stick bugs as pets. Not really as a pen pet but something that I had in a big jar and fed it and watched it get bigger and bigger. Looks like Caden is having loads of fun,

crochet lady said...

They looks so cute on the horse together.

I like stick bugs, I haven't seem one for a long time.

If you ever want a hat or scarf to stay warm at work, let me know. I'll give you a good deal.

tainterturtles said...

Nice photos Kellie. I'm excited for you with your dad coming to visit. Have fun.

Lisa said...

Those are cool bugs!! I hope you guys have a great visit with your dad. I love having company over.

Oh and your couch can't be that bad. You should see mine. It's at least 11 years old, holey and ripped after numerous cats and a dog. I put a throw over it since I refuse to buy a new till all cats are gone and J. is grown up a bit more.