Monday, August 23, 2010

Probable Cause

What a fun weekend we had.

Some of our friends threw a huge party
for his sisters 50th birthday and her sisters 40th.
Unfortunately the sister that was turning 40 was unable
to get off of work and didn't make it, but her hubby and kids did.

The sister that turned 50 was there in living color!

Poor gal, instead of 50 swats she was supposed to get
50 buckets of water dumped on her.

Last I had heard she was up to 28.
Good thing it was a hot day.

They had relatives and friends come from near and far.

I never got a good count of how many folks were there,
but I heard someone say probably 50-75.
That's a lot.

There was swimming in the pool and pond, bags-
some kind of bean bag toss game, volleyball,
a bouncy house thing for smaller kids,
really the list goes on and on.

Here is Chyann down at the pond.

By far the biggest attraction was the band.

Yes, they had a band playing right off their back porch.

Probable Cause is a local cover band.

We've seen them play at quite a few different venues in our area.

As you can see, Caden was a groupie.

He got all the guys to sign his shirt and the bass player gave

him a pick that now resides in his gold box.

The band was great!

Colton budding musician that he is, was interested in the band,

until he got to talking to a girl his age.

Although he did get up and play the drums a little when

the band was done.

Great party!

Yesterday was filled with salsa.

I started blanching the tomatos at 9a took a break about noon

back at it by 3p and done by 6p.

Got all the laundry done and put away!

Some of the lawn got mowed.

Rode horses with Chyann and really had fun.

No falling off for me thank you very much!

Watched Caden ride the three wheeler.

And now it's back to the grind.

New schedule starts today 930a-6p.

That's gonna be strange.


Aunt Krissy said...

You did have a very full weekend. How much salsa did you get put up?

MrsCaptKerk said...

I love that you guys celebrated someone's birthday when she was unable to make it :)

Any reason to party! That's my kind of crowd!

crochet lady said...

Wow, sounds like a good time.

Anonymous said...

I saw pictures on your facebook and wondered what the big party was for. looked like fun! did you guys camp there too?