Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Showing my age?

Our family has cell phones like most folks these days.

The hubby, he barley knows how to make a call let alone text
anyone so he doesn't text at all.

Me, I can text, but don't/wont generally send one.
Now if you sent me one I'll reply back to it, but that's all.

Our eldest son, Colton does text.
We had him on the 4.99 a month 250 text messages plan
and that was fine.

Last week when the Grandparents were here I got a phone
call (not a text) from our cell provider.
They wanted to advise me of Colton's phone usage.

He had for the month of August,
which had barely began at the time of this call,
1095 texts!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we would be billed for an additional 84 bucks!!

I about fell over!

Holy SHIT!!

With a little plan changing he is now on the
5000 texts a month for 19.99 a month
and we don't owe the 84 bucks.

Colton and I had a HUGE come to Jesus meeting
about this issue.

I want him to have a phone so I can call him and he can
call us, right?

But I will have texting eliminated from his phone if he
goes over the 5000 texts a month even once.

What is the fascination with texting?

When you talk to someone on the phone you are
honing your communication skills and actually
dealing with people.

When you text what do you do type?
and badly at that?

When I was a teen we talked on the phone at every
opportunity. You could tell from the tone
of your BFF's voice how she felt about something
remember those long conversations with that
first crush?

How does texting measure up to all that I asked Colton
and he said "Mom talking on the phone is for your generation
and texting is for mine."

I must be getting old.

Do you text?

P.S. Today's text tally is now up to 1922!
Gone up over 800 texts in less than a week.
What is up with this you ask.
He has a new love interest..


Aunt Krissy said...

That was that thud that I head early today! It was your jaw hitting the floor when you got that bill!
I see some of the kids text mesg. Most of it is "what r u doing?" Nothing, how about u?"

tainterturtles said...

I don't get it either. Someday our teens & adults will realize texting is a big waste of time.

What ever happen to writing letters? Can kids even write a sentence anymore????

Anonymous said...

we can receive texts, but dont have the option to send turned on our phones. I call Bill and he calls me on my phone. we have 500 minutes between the 2 of us a month and I use average of 30 and uses 200 or so. Lots of it is listening to his mom!! I wont ever text. I agree that kids dont talk to each other much anymore and dont know about letter writing.
Coltons thumbs are gettin a workout!!

crochet lady said...

Personaly I dislike texting very much. I don't do it and I find it really rude when people text when you are trying to talk to them in person! But I guess Colton is right, it is something kids do, but it doesn't mean I have to.

My oldest has a phone but he rarely uses it and he doesn't do texting, we don't have a plan for it and that's ok with him, cause he is not that social...that may change in the next few years though.

PAK ART said...

I have extreme difficulty texting so I rarely do it. I have finally gotten used to having a cell though and like it. I was adamant about not getting one for a long time before I caved. Each generation has their own thing...I guess texting is this ones.