Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sunflowers, storms and stuff

My sunflowers are finally blooming.
I just love them.

This years sunflowers are a little hard to get good shots of.
Somehow I managed to get the ginormous variety
and they are just that ~ GINORMOUS!

My garden continues to struggle.

All beans have been harvested.
Most of the spuds are rotting in the ground due to too much
water and a few other factors.
I'll probably get enough peppers and tomato's for half the
amount of salsa I want to make so I'm not going to
complain much there.

We have had more wicked storms.
Yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work we
had some major lightening.

Must have struck the house as it blew out the Hubby's
prized big screen TV, flipped a bunch of breakers
in the house/garage and actually blew off the
electric fence device from the wall in the barn.

The Hubby said we were lucky the barn didn't burn down
and he is very bummed about his TV.

I spent hours last night looking for the receipt and
product warranty plan thing we purchased.

I finally found it and luckily it is still valid.
I'll be calling today and hopefully the Hubby will
be getting a replacement TV.

We are all very bummed about the goat situation and
will support any decision Krissy makes and
will help her in any way we can.

Big plans for today include getting started on making
salsa, mow ~ it's a jungle out there,
laundry, and about a dozen things I didn't get
done this week because I was working.

This whole working full time thing will take some getting
use to. I need to delegate more so I don't feel so
Happy Saturday to you :)


Aunt Krissy said...

Thanks Kellie, I want everybody to know what a great friend you and your family are to me. Love you!

Lisa said...

My husband sends his condolences to your hubby about his tv.

That was one big storm. Wow.

Well my sunflowers are also ginormous with one small problem. No flowers! I don't know what the scoop is with that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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