Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The question is...

Do I bounce?

Answer: Not well...

Chyann and I have been riding horses again
in the evenings since the heat wave is over.

She of course, like most young girls, believes
that she is invincible and loves to ride bareback.

I took the bait when she goaded me into also
riding bareback last night.

We were having a great time.
A little walk, a little faster, trot,
moving up through the gears.

He zigged while I zagged.


But as a parent who rides I must never show weakness.

I stagger to my feet,
reins still in my hand~ imagine that~
And get back on.
With every step my head POUNDS.
Will I puke?
Hope not.
Will I fall off again?
Really hope not.
Do I make it till she is ready to be done?
Definitely, but just barely.

Advil before bed.
Lurch out of bed this morning.
More Advil.

Kink in my neck and back all day.
More Advil.

Very worried I'll be asked to ride when I get home.

Thankfully she is off to a friends house and I can skip
the hell it would have been to ride tonight.

She is home now making plans for tomorrow.

Those plans include riding.
With me.

Hope I don't have to bounce again tomorrow,
because I just don't do it well anymore.


tainterturtles said...

That sounds awful Kellie. Just take it easy ok?

Aunt Krissy said...

I wish I could have seen you NOT bounceing! Sorry that you're in pain, but I laughed! But I really feel bad that I did laugh.

PAK ART said...

Oh, how awful! But what a trooper and good mom you are!