Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Humidity problems and other stuff

As you know we've had a hot and humid summer here in WI.

We had a dehumidifier in the basement the first few years
we lived here, but it broke and we just put a fan in the
window to suck out the moisture and that seemed
to do the trick ~ no stinky basement smell.

Chyann decided to get Casper's cart harness
out of the basement. That is where we keep all the extra saddles
(we have nine at last count), bridles and any thing else horse
related that we are currently not using.

Look what she found.

Mold and moss. Apparently the leather saddles are much worse.

She cleaned the harness up real well.
Even tied a shirt around her face so she wouldn't inhale
the mold.
This weekend I'll be doing the saddles while she has
fun at the Dell's for a friends birthday.
And we need to think about getting a new dehumidifier.

Been so wet frogs abound.

I got a bunch of Zucchini bread made.
It's the best recipe!
Pineapple, walnuts and raisins are in it.

In other news my old boss in AK
didn't get on the ballot for Governor.


Aunt Krissy said...

The bread looks really good. Maybe I will have a slicw when I drop the jars off. Bummer about RS. Bummer about the mold!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Ralph! It was sad to see him on the news last night, but he still has his job at the cruise line !
bread looks good, mold, not so much.

Lisa said...

That is alot of mold. Yuck.
Bread looks good tho.

crochet lady said...

My son found a huge fungus growing in our basement.

That zucchini bread looks good!

tainterturtles said...

Yikes, get the Lysol out!

I can almost taste your yoummy bread.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Ralph. Don't know what Jeff did cause we really dont talk much about it, I am too opinionated I guess :)