Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday was perfect!

I didn't realize how much I missed being outside
until yesterday.

Not much opportunity to do outside things working
930 A-6 pm.
Big rush in the am and I'm sure that will get worse
when school starts on Wednesday and
big rush when I get home to get dinner on the table.
After dinner it's almost time for bed.

Yesterday was just perfect!

Chyann got up early and was picked up to go to the
Dells and I got some house cleaning done.
Did breakfast when everyone else got up,
then spent the WHOLE day outside.
With the exception of coming in and out to
get laundry - water too because it was HOT.

Colton was gone most of the day, so Caden
got some good one on one time with his
Daddy and I.

Which I think he needed.

Doesn't he look cute with his new haircut?

Got that done yesterday too.

The horses have been out mowing again. Here is Scotch not mowing, but eating the sunflower leaves.

Yes, Scotch you shouldn't be in there.

So he leaves through the sunflowers.

This use to be Krissy's butternut squash patch.
The horses have totally destroyed it.
The fallen apples lured them in and they did what
horses do and ate with no regard to what they were wrecking.
Also they ate everyone of the muskmelons.
Didn't know they liked those too.

Kris says the sugars don't come out in the
squash until the first frost.
So should I leave them outside or take them
to the basement?

Today is going to be another gorgeous day.

Colton has a parade in a town not far from here.
Chyann and I are going to ride horses today.
Should clean those moldy saddles and maybe make
some dinners to put in the fridge/freezer for this
next week. Cut 2 more heads of hair and
I don't know what else.


PAK ART said...

That sounds like an incredibly full day for a day off. Although I know it feels good to get stuff accomplished!

Aunt Krissy said...

Wow, you were busy as a bee. I don't know about the squash, that's what i was told, but if there is no "plant" to feed the squash I think that it should be brought inside. I will ask the library patron that has the squash.

Kellie said...

I thought the same thing and put them in the basement.

crochet lady said...

Your horse looks so cute in those sunflowers. If your squash is already detached from the vine, I would bring it in.

Read your previous post, that is so weird about all those books. That is one thing I have never seen all over the road...strange.