Sunday, August 15, 2010

Salsa and such

Another weekend flew by.
We've started letting the horses out to mow the lawn again.
The only requirement is that they wear halters
in case we need to catch them quick or they
need to be tied up.
Chyann took some pictures of Gypsy.

Over she went!
Can't believe Chyann caught that on film.

I got a dozen jars of salsa made.
Had one break as I put it in the BWB
what a mess that was.

All laundry has been completed and put away.
Floors ~ swept, moped and vacuumed.
Dishwasher ran five times.
Made the bed once.
The heat wave has broken.
Cool sleeping weather is here.
Actually felt chilled and put on sweat pants
and socks tonight.
The TV repair folks are coming out on Tuesday
from the Twin cities to give our TV a
look over.
Keep your fingers crossed they can fix it or
will get it replaced.
Would have loved to ride horses today, but
it was WAY too windy. Maybe tomorrow...
Another week beckons.


tainterturtles said...

Your salsa looks yummy and I bet it's HOT!

Lisa said...

Salsa looks good! We used to make some. We'd do about 150 bottles. We eat alot of salsa.

Nice photos of the horses.

Aunt Krissy said...

Can't wait till I have some at your house. Chy took some good action photos.

crochet lady said...

There's nothing like a good roll in the grass...

Great looking salsa!

PAK ART said...

great pics of the horses! I'm still envious of your farm life.