Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Turkey eggs and horse feathers

The play "Curtains" was a success.
I loved every moment of it!

I'm glad it's over though and the kid will be home more.

Our turkeys, which were supposed to be Thanksgiving and
Christmas dinner, have both started laying an egg a day.
I don't suppose now that we'll cook them up at all.

The turkeys have quite large, tan colored speckled eggs.
The hubby says they don't taste any different than a
chicken egg.

We have recently acquired an old blue 2 horse trailer.
Of course the Hubby had to fix it up and make it road
worthy, so it is sound (just looks like crap).

Now we have lived here for almost 8 years and have
only taken Scotch and Casper anywhere via a
friends trailer. We know they will trailer, Cowboy will too,
but I didn't get any pic of him.

Surprised that porky boy can get in aren't you?

(Yes, that appears to be a bullet hole in the door)

Chyann very happy he'll just walk in.

Now, Casper was a little skeptical about getting in.
Chyann had to bribe him with a carrot and he was really
straining to get it.

But, he did get in.

Good boy Casper!

Now Casper is watching the fun as we try to persuade
our girl Jennifer Rain to get in the trailer.
She has been trailered 8 times by her former trainer.
That gal only had a problem getting her in the first time
and it wasn't really a problem as Jenny had never even
seen a trailer at the time so after a little training
she walked right in. I know you don't want
to force them in, that it needs to be their idea and all that,
but the brat wont get in and I know she knows how!
And yes, this trailer is different than the one she was
previously trailered in, does that make a huge difference?
Apparently to her it does, BUT maybe I'm just not being
FIRM enough?!

This was so entertaining that Scotch
came to watch too. Since I have no experience with
reluctant trailering horses a friend is coming over to
help on Friday. Then on Saturday Jenny is going to visit
a different trainer for a week or so as she needs
a bit more green knocked off her if she is going to be
Chyann's main riding horse.

Lovely smelling lilacs are almost here!


Anonymous said...

hey Kellie! I think Chyann should paint the trailer pink..
where are you going to take the horses once you get them in the trailer?
thanks for the pic of the lilac bud. We are getting snow again today. 2 or 3 inches so far and still falling! Hopefully we'll have spring some day too.

Aunt Krissy said...

Gee, I didn't know that your horses has such big butts! That was some rain that we had.

Lisa said...

Wow! I didn't realize that trailering a horse required such training.