Sunday, April 25, 2010

And so it goes...

Chyann's volleyball tournament went well yesterday.
She only played 2 of 7 games. They lost all 7 games, but
it was always close, within a few points.

I was amazed that we were charged admission to
watch the games.
$4bucks for 12 and up, $2bucks for 6-11years.
We ended up paying $14bucks to get in!
What is up with that?
Apparently all schools these days charge admission for
sporting events. I'm told the money goes to the
athletic dept as a sort of slush fund for traveling
and other events.

Also, it was kinda funny that Colton, who didn't want
to come, got roped into being a line judge by the coach
who was his PE teacher Freshman year.
That's what he gets for looking all too cool to be there!

Anyhow, Chyann had fun and that is all that mattered.

My eldest son, Colton and his prom date.

So, that is what a brown dress looks like, eh?
It was beautiful!

They had a great time.
Post prom was held at a local movie theater, they
had a lock-in thing. Two current movies were available
to watch, video games like rock band, karaoke,
fake tattoos, and free pizza, pop and popcorn to eat.

The kids got on the bus at the school and were
delivered back to school at 6am this morning.

Colton was totally pooped out when he got home.
Took a 6 hour nap and was up for the day.
I bet he sleeps good tonight!


Aunt Krissy said...

I'm glad that Chy had a good time.
Colton sure looks sharp in that suit and the dress looks wonderful. Not really brown brown.

tainterturtles said...

Ahhhh, what a great photo of Colton and his date....she looks familar!

janice said...

Beautiful dress. Brown is WI is sure different than brown in AK!

crochet lady said...

Great pics of your kids!

Colton is a handsome fella with a beautiful date. That is a very pretty dress!