Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We've almost got her in!!

I think we would have done it if it hadn't
started down pouring rain!



tainterturtles said...

How about a treat waiting for her inside the trailer?

Aunt Krissy said...

So close but not there yet!

crochet lady said...

I was thinking along the say lines as tainterturtles...say a dangling apple... a sugar cube? Maybe she's the kind of gal that isn't tempted by treats.

Like your background!

PAK ART said...

I've enjoyed reading back to catch up. Looks like lots of fun trying to trailer stubborn horses. So when did you get a new one for Chyann? Congrats to Colton - singing solo ain't easy!

Kellie said...

This horse is Jenny. You know the dip-stick that will let pigs eat her tail?

And yes we've fed her an incredible amount of treats to entice her into the trailer.

We actually got her COMPLETELY into the trailer ONCE yesterday. It's progress, but slow.