Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Deep breath now...

That smell-o-vision doesn't appear to be working
just yet.

This is my little sour cherry tree and as you can see
it is loaded with blossoms. The sweet smell
almost knocks you over!

Got both gardens tilled and are ready for planting.
We are doing the taters this Saturday.

This is all the wild plum trees in bloom on the West
side of the backyard and WOW!
The smell!

Chyann and I have been doing some riding.
Ol' Scotch is still being an ASS, so I get kicked off
Gypsy so Chyann can ride.
And ride she does!

Heard back from Jenny's trainer and he says she is a
bit of a ding-bat, but definitely has potential.
That is good to hear.
Don't know yet when she'll be coming home.

And this folks is my dear Brother.
Today is his 41st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Yes, this pic was hijacked from your Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

Damn Girl!! That boy is HAWT!!! I'd take him home.. oh wait... I already do... hee hee hee :)

Aunt Krissy said...

Not only do they smell great they sure look pretty! Also, Happy birthday to Jeff!