Saturday, August 1, 2009

Long time no post...

I'm not sure what I've been up to that has kept me from posting this last week, but here I am now.

My friend Rose from back home is coming to visit Krissy and I in 21 days. We are very excited to see her! I have not seen her in seven years, man how time is flying.. The three of us worked together at PenAir and had some great times. I can remember how some days I'd come home from work with my stomach muscles sore from laughing so hard and so much. We called ourselves the "weekend warriors" since we pretty much ran the place on weekends. Rose occasionally would page me from somewhere in the building singing that song from cheers, that Woody would sing to his girlfriend. It went something like this - "kellie, kellie, kellie, kellie, kellie, kellie, kellie, kellie." Well you get the picture. We are planning on having a girls night at Kris's house while Rose is here and breaking out the margaritas/beer and whatever else sounds good!!
I can't wait!!

Amazing to think that it is August 1st today. We really have had only one week of HOT weather so far this summer and that was back in June. I saw a thing on the weather channel last night and on their map they showed the Midwest with how many days each major city had in the 90's on average during July. Minneapolis on average has 11 days in the 90's and this year they had none. Most days the temp has been low to mid 70's and that's alright IF the wind is not blowing. Seems like the wind has been non-stop this summer. Reminds me of Cold Bay when I was a kid. Or as my husband says "Are we in fricking North Dakota?" I suppose since we are in a drought it's probably better not to have weather in the 90's, but man it sure doesn't feel like summer. Especially since the kids have hardly used the pool. Last night Cal said we should just put the cover on the pool and be done with it. I told him that was a sure way to get HOT temps.

Kris, Chyann and I went to an animal auction today. It was, well... sad.. Lots of chicken varieties, and other feathered fowl, bunnies and such.. Those all looked in good condition, but some of the goats and cows were just skin and bones. Kinda breaks your heart. I mean who are those people who bring their animals in such horrible shape to be auctioned off to the highest bidder? Are they down on their luck folks who couldn't feed the animals or are they some of those jerks who just don't give a shit? And who is going to buy animals in such sorry shape? Probably no one, so then what happens to the animals? My honey says, probably people who feel sorry for them and that have a hobby farm gone bad (animal collectors).

After the auction we went to the Eau Claire farmers market. I had not been there in a few years and it was huge. Tons of vendors/people looking to buy. I didn't get anything but Kris got some goodies..

Anyhow.. The kids are all good. Starting to think about school starting on September 1st. School supplies and new clothes need to be purchased and schedules worked out.. Colton wants to drive to school everyday, but I don't see that happening until he figures out how to pay for gas. Chyann is excited and being in middle school this year she gets a locker. Whoo-hoo, how cool is that? Got to get a locker shelf, mirror, cool pictures.. Caden is soo stoked about school starting! Acutally even more than school, he is signed up for FOOTBALL! Practice starts here in a few weeks and he wants to be the quarterback. He was just telling me today, when we were tossing the ball around that he will be as good as Brett Favre or better. No confidence problems for that kid.


PAK ART said...

That will be so much fun to have Rose down. I talked to Kris today and she didn't tell me that. She told me all about the auction though...bummer.

Kris said...

kellie kellie kellie.....Remember how we would write that on the board over and over and over? That was a fun song to sing.

crochet lady said...

The animal auction doesn't sound fun. Glad you'll be able to get together with your friend.

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