Sunday, August 23, 2009


And the sun came out again.
Strange that I never realize how much I miss the sun
when it's cloudy and dreary out until it comes back.
I am our family's weather gal.
I suppose this stems from growing up in Cold Bay, AK.
When I was in High School we did a project on the weather,
tracking it for two years and going back through records to
determine just how many sunny days a year we had.
Surprisingly we only had on average 10 sunny/clear days a year.
With an average high temperature of 43*.
(yuck, I know)
Now that I live in the land of milk and honey (WI),
I revel in the nice weather.
Give me Hot, humid, sunny days, a little rain now and then,
even a good thunder storm for good measure and
I am one happy camper!
It was a beautiful day yesterday and promises to be even nicer today.
I worked out in the garden and got most of the lawn mowed.
It sure felt good to be outside.
This is Wolfie lounging in a flower pot.
I had been wondering what was wrong with those flowers
as they never looked as good as the pot next to it and
now I know why.

I went to Krissy's last night to see our friend Rose.
We had the best time visiting and remembering times past.
They are coming over later today for dinner.
I can't wait!


Aunt Krissy said...

Yep, that maight be why some of your flowers are not doing so well.

It is nice to have the sun back, and not so hot today.

tainterturtles said...

Cute kitty cat!

Hope you had a good get-together tonight with Aunt Krissy & Rose.

PAK ART said...

I feel like I would be just like you and appreciate every warm, sunny day I got if only I had them. It has rained so hard last night and today, all day. You know what it's like sometimes up here. It seems like the sun never comes out. Although this is one of the best summers I can ever remember.

crochet lady said...

Hope you guys have a good time together!

The Old Gray Egg said...

Cold Bay to Colfax. Hmm.
Let me guess your favorite food: Coleslaw.
Your favorite drink: Cold milk.
Welcome to Wisconsin!