Monday, July 27, 2009

Squash anyone?

The kids and I worked in the garden today.

We picked tons of squash.

These big boys must have been hiding for awhile.
The pigs got them.
I don't think this one will get too big..

(wow, look at those weeds)

An English cucumber..

And the dreaded Colorado Potato Beetle has arrived
on the potato plants..

What the heck is this?
Small tomatos on a potato flower?

Our tater harvest for today..

We had some very nice rain today.
You could practically hear my garden gulping it in.
I may need to get out the lawn mower soon.
Actually due to lack of rain I have not mowed the front yard since
the end of June and the back yard since July 3rd.

Side note... Caden has learned how to tie his shoes!!
We are very excited about this new development!!


Aunt Krissy said...

Tomato on a potato? How odd. And that bug looks big and full of guck. Do you use your fingers to kill them?

crochet lady said...

Your veggies are looking good. I have squash coming out of my ears! I threw a few baseball bat size zucchini in the long grass. Too bad we don't have chickens anymore, they used to love pecking away at overgrown summer squash.

tainterturtles said...

My squash is little, but still growing slowly. I picked one squash and noticed a bird had been pecking at it....darn birds.

Your veggies look so nice Kellie. Your a good have the touch!

Too bad about the potato beetle.

PAK ART said...

oh the mysteries of farming...tomatos on potato plants? horrific big bugs? mountains of zuchinni - why is zuchinni more prolific than the other vegetables?

Just think - someday I too shall have a garden. Maybe it will all make sense then.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Nice veggies. Those are potato seeds. Leave em be.

Pick the tater bugs or knock them off into a container of soapy water.

I love the early squashes diced and pan fried with onion and butter and garlic. When they get big I take them to work. The city folks fight over them. Silly city folks.

charity said...

Your blog is awesome! I miss you all so much!