Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crazy vines

It seems our farm is being overrun with vines.
I like the look of them, climbing up the barn, shed
and even the yard light, but they are really a
rotten nuisance.

Out in the back yard they are trying to take over the wild plum trees.
Some of the trees are so entangled with the vines that they literally
are breaking in half due to the weight.
Back in April I went on an all out assault against those
tree stranglers and thought I'd done a pretty good job, but
I was wrong. They are back, maybe not as bushy and full, but
once again they are trying to strangle my plum trees.
Yesterday I tore down all the vines that were trying to climb up
our chimney on the west side of the house.
These vines seem to have little suckers on them where they were
sticking to the siding. Very gross.. And I cut back the dead cane from
three bushes that were looking very poor. Those bushes were so
poky that I ended up with scratches every where and had thorns poke through
my leather gloves - ouch, those suckers hurt!
Today's garden product.
My first ripe lemon boy tomato, a roma that fell off that's
not quite ripe, some peppers and onions.
That lemon boy tomato was so good!
Can't wait for more.
Chyann and I rode horses for about an hour and a half today.
It was fun, but not for long enough according to Chyann.

A big HELLO to my brother in AK!!
He reads my blog and says I should post more often.


tainterturtles said...

Nice looking veggies.

Is that you Kellie on the horse? Beautiful horse.

crochet lady said...

That vine sounds like a menace.

Yum veggies. We had our first helpin of green beans yesterday for supper, they were so good.

That yellow tomato looks delish, can't wait till mine are ripe. I have a ton of green ones. I suppose they will all ripen at once and i will be up to my neck in tomatoes one of these days.

Aunt Krissy said...

It looks like the horse has stalled on you. I was looking at my garden this morning. My tomatos are still green. ;((

Anonymous said...

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