Monday, August 10, 2009

MoJo Lemon

Saturday night we went out to a local bar/restaurant called the Buck Snort with some friends.

The bar had sponsored a motorcycle ride during the day (why, I'm not sure) and the band, MoJo Lemon, played there that night with Karaoke afterwards.

Now I'm not much of a blues fan, but WOW! MoJo Lemon really blew me away! We even had Colton come up and listen for a while (He was our designated driver) because their guitar player was so fantastic! Colton being the budding guitar fanatic that he is, was suitable impressed and has been playing lots ever since.

After the band was done at 9p, the Karaoke guy set up. There was a lot of 80's music, some old country that this weird guy kept singing, and some new rock. Not too many people sang, but those that did were pretty good. I didn't sing, maybe if we'd stayed longer I would have, but as it was I just danced and was Sherri's back up dancer when she sang.

A good time had by all and I'd have probably stayed till closing, but we had a huge storm brewing and the kids called to say it was getting scary out, so we were home by midnight or thereabouts.

MoJo Lemon is playing up at the Pioneer in the next few months and I'm already planning on dragging Cal out to see them cuz I really had soo much fun!


crochet lady said...

Cool. I like jazz music.

Aunt Krissy said...

I'm glad that you got out. We all need to have some blues in our life.

tainterturtles said...

He's been around for a long time and I hear he was good. Maybe I will drag the bike man out to hear him play at Pioneer. I'm so glad you had fun.

PAK ART said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. My husband won't go with me anywhere (except McDonalds or Outback) I loved your story about Trip - your husband must be a big marshmallow inside.