Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday AM coffee

What a week.
It's done though and the weekend is here - YAY!
I managed to sleep in a few hours today, which felt wonderful.

Not a lot going on here other than the daily grind, which is perfect for the time being. I'm getting a few things done that I've put off for a while.
Like repotting my house plants. 
My big spider plant was 100% root bound and had almost zero dirt in the pot. It is doing better already.
Cleaning out the coat closet and getting some boxes ready for goodwill.
Things that need to be done, but are put off.

I'm thinking about painting the kids' rooms, but haven't gotten any further than just thinking about it because everyone has such crap packed under their beds and in their closets. If I'm going to paint my grand idea is to take everything out of their rooms, rip up the old yucky carpet. Paint and put new flooring down. One room at a time, but I can't imagine dealing with their junk. Who knows what kind of stuff I'll find and you know since they aren't home very often they aren't going to want to spend their time here doing that. So I'll have to figure out something.
With any luck I can start after the New Year and have it all done by spring.

The big kids are doing well at college.
Chyann says her advisor is impressed that she has the next three semesters mapped out already.
Colton's school has added new animal classes and he has decided to take two of them next semester and another teaching course. Which means he'll graduate in May rather than December and that is just fine.  I think it's exciting that teaching has become a focus of his.

Not sure if either of them will be home for Thanksgiving.
If not that's alright. Its just a day and we can have our Thanksgiving whenever it works out for them to be here.

That's all for now.


Ami said...

There are many reasons I don't have house plants. :)
Last year a kid gave me a poinsettia for Christmas. I refrained from saying, "Oh cool, I haven't killed one of these in three years!!"

It's actually still alive because I turned it over to Lyssa.

I swear, you are ALWAYS busy, you do so much all the time! I spend my time trying to avoid having to do shit. :-D

Nicole said...

Is it stupid of me I wanted to cry when you said they wouldn't be home for Thanksgiving. I mean I know but still. Although we're doing ours with my mom's sister the weekend before Thanksgiving because that's what works with their schedule. We're also having prime rib instead of turkey. Don't ask.