Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday AM coffee

I stayed up too late last night.
Watching baseball on TV, arguing political crap and reading my book.
Enjoyed the baseball and book, but not so much the political crap.

I don't know why I let myself get jacked up about it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as misguided as it may seem to me.
Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and throw conflicting opinions into a political discussion and everyone turns into an asshole.
It is my vow NOT to speak of it again to ANYONE, ever.

Moving on...
We've had a good week here.
The weather has been amazing.
It's the 23rd of October and damned if it isn't 54* right now with blue sky.
Happy Birthday to my nephew Cody! He is the big 25 on this day :)

Speaking of birthdays our eldest will be 24 next week.
Hoping we can work something out to get together with him.
Picture of him on a class field trip last week.

We've been letting the horses out to do a little mowing since the lawn mower is put away for winter and that grass continues to grow.

I took a ride on Scotch yesterday. Enjoyed the hell out of it.
I've got to get out there and ride more.
Somehow riding has fallen to the very bottom of my to do list.

 View from my office window last week when Caden was walking up to the bus stop.
Love the eerie light and colors.

Happy Sunday!

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Ami said...

I have never seen anything as ugly as this election. And I truly believe it doesn't matter who sits in the White House... all the real shit is happening where none of us can see it anyway.

It does bother me that so many people are angry with other people over something that none of us can control. This craziness is shattering relationships and making our already sick society slide a little further into terminally ill.

Great pictures. :)