Sunday, October 16, 2016

This and that

This is our first weekend without some kind of baseball, in I don't even know how long. I woke up today with my heart pounding sure that I'd forgotten to set the alarm and we were late for a game. I hate that feeling, ugh.

We've have gotten a ton of stuff marked off our list of things to do before winter arrives.

The gardens are completely free of debris and have manure/mulch spread on them. Ready to be tilled come spring.

The barn - both top and bottom cleaned out and tidied up.

All that manual labor pooped us out so went out for dinner.

Speaking of dinner the other night I made a salad and added fresh slices of garlic to it - just like my gal Krissy does. It was amazingly delicious. Unfortunately the Hubby didn't have any and woke up in the night to a bedroom filled with toxic garlic fumes. To hear him tell it, my breath was so bad he had to open all the windows in our room AND leave the door open to clear out the toxins lol
I love garlic and onions on everything. Too bad the poor Hubby doesn't like either as much as I do.

So you know I used to work at our local library. This last spring the new director had the idea to put out a cookbook with recipes from patrons and former library staff in celebration of 100 years serving our community. Cool idea and when she asked me to submit a few recipes I was thrilled. Then promptly forgot about it until a few days before the deadline to submit a recipe. I decided upon three of my all time favorite recipes and emailed them to her. I saw online recently that the cookbooks were now available for purchase and went to the library that day to get one! Man was I bummed to find out my recipes weren't in the dang book. Not sure if I sent the recipes too late or if she just didn't get them. Oh well. It is a nice cookbook with some good recipes that I will be trying.

That's all for now. Enjoy your Sunday!


Ami said...

I LOVE garlic. Eric likes it, too, but not as much as I do. I try really hard not to overdo it, because he says basically the same stuff your hubby said. ::sheepish grin:::

You're always doing so many things and running around so much, I have no idea how you do it all.

Nicole said...

Toxic fumes made me giggle. My friend Karen would say that about her husband but it's not from garlic/onions :). haha. Too bad about the cookbook. We did a family cookbook and my grandma either told me to get her recipes and I forgot or she didn't bug me. Either way she chose one recipe and put my name on it. Not the recipe I'd have chosen but whatever.