Wednesday, October 19, 2016

OH the colors

I love the trees!
Their colors are phenomenal.

The maple on the left always starts turning first and when it's done the maple on the right takes off.

An up close picture of it's leaves.

I'm not sure the variety of maple, but it's colors are the most vivid and vibrant I've ever seen.

Wow right?!?

Then this maple starts turning. It seems to have a lot more orange hues rather than red.
Course the willow back there holds it's color the longest.
I think I'm going to trim it up some so it's easier to mow around next summer.

Beautiful time of year.

Birds have the best view.

later :)


Ami said...

Beautiful. birdhouse photo is my favorite. :)

Anonymous said...

I love fall! My favourite time of the year. We've been having a very warm fall. Some days are 28 degrees celcius. Not sure what that is in Farenhiet. Around 85? The leaves are slow to turn and fall because of it. Love the colours of your trees.

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