Monday, October 17, 2016

CHS baseball fun

We had the best baseball experience at CHS field in St. Paul.
It was amazing!
CHS field is where the St. Paul Saints play.
What an opportunity for these boys to play there and even win a game!

The boys up on the rail when we first got there.

Seriously what a place to play!
It was freaking exciting!
I loved every minute of it.
You could walk all the way around the field on a walkway, which was pretty cool too.

The boys warming up before the first game.

In the bull pen catching for one of the other pitchers.

Getting ready to take the field.

Up to bat for the first time.

He pitched two great innings too!

Team picture between games.

Check out those trees back there.

Racing for third

and running on to home!

Safe at home!

One of the other Mothers took the below pictures and sent them to me.
How nice was that?

After he slid into home one of the other boys congratulating him.

Getting ready to make a catch at short stop.

Then throwing it in.

Not sure what he was doing here, but it's a cool picture.
I tell you what though, those white pants took forever to clean.
Something about the red dirt on that field made it almost impossible to come out.

My favorite baseball experience so far!

Not to mention right next door was a huge farmers market.
I had the best honey crisp apples and fresh roasted corn on the cob - delicious!

later :)

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Chelsi said...

Just thought I would drop by and say "Hi!" Hope you are well too:) Oh! And my DB said we would get to my first ever pro baseball game this year but it hasnt happened yet.