Monday, August 8, 2016


We've had a busy few weeks around here. 

Some of the highlights were the end of the Wheeler season. 
The boys played up in Rice Lake and came up with two wins and two losses. 
I never heard with the point spread how they came out - third or fourth place, but they sure had a good day of ball even though they were down two key players.

I was thrilled that Mom and Gerry were here to see this last tournament.
Gerry came up with us first thing in the morning and stayed all day. While Chyann drove Mom up mid-day. 
I didn't take as many pictures as I normally would for whatever reason. Too busy gabbing I suppose. 
Our boy got a lot of good hits that enabled him to steal some good bases.

He's ready to run.

Sliding into home is always a good thing and he did it multiple times. 

My favorite picture of the day. 
Sure it looks like I've got a third arm here, but that's alright I'll probably get this one framed anyway lol
Damn it was hot and humid.
 I was worried about the heat bothering them, but they assured me the humidity in OK was a lot worse and the hot weather we were having was totally tolerable.

Afterwards the coach made a great end of the season speech. I wonder if he'll decide to put the team together again next year. Guess we'll see.  

An after game celebration burger was in order at Caden's favorite burger joint. 
Gerry confessed that he wasn't too keen on a whole day of baseball, but said he absolutely enjoyed the shit out of it. 
Even going on to say multiple times that Caden is a "solid" ball player. Seriously Caden never saw so much action at third base all freaking season and he made good plays every single time. I was so proud of him.
Hearing that pleased the hell out of Caden too. 

 I've discovered this crazy thing called snapchat.
Maybe you've heard about it? Well friends you've got to get it.
It's more fun than you'd expect.
My Mother and I sure enjoyed it.

Man we had a good time playing with the pictures!

Surprise of all surprises Colton came home to see the Grandparents!
And attend his five year class reunion.
FIVE years?
Yes. Hard to believe right?
Dozer never lets him out of his sight. 

I can't tell you what a thrill it was to see my Mother - twice in one year no less. 
Scrabble championships were usually won by Chyann when she played, but Mom and I a few winning games ourselves.

Caden sure enjoyed having his sister back home for a few weeks. 
We all did. 
Hamming it up at Walmart, much to her dismay. 


While our girl was home we started riding the wild beasts again.
Many an evening we came in with noodle legs and sore butts.
Loved every minute of it.
She is back to St Cloud and now has a job so likely we wont be seeing her as frequently. I'll definitely treasure the time she was home. A short lived bridge between the old life when she was here as a child and the adult world she is beginning. 

Random picture of a turkey roosting in the back yard. 

My tomatoes are really starting to come in. 
That first tomato sandwich totally lived up to all my expectations. In fact I have at least one a day.
Three batches of pickles canned and zucchini of some sort at every meal. 
I love this time of year. 

Except for the rotten ragweed. 
oy oy oy
Allergy season is once again upon us.
Headache and congestion city. 

Fall ball started yesterday.
The boys are there tonight. 
Which was almost derailed by Caden having an embedded freaking bug in his eye?!?!
How does that happen?
Nothing like a run to urgent care first thing in the AM.
Anywho, I hope it is as good experience as last year was. 

later folks :)


Ami said...

It's started... kids moving out, you're starting your 2nd childhood!!
All the funny photos... pretty soon you'll be wanting a Momcave!!
Loved all the pictures. Awesome that your son came home to see grandparents. I miss mine every day.

Nicole said...

No, it hasn't been 5 years... has it? And I still haven't figured out snapchat. I'm a loser I guess... lol. You got some great action shots of Caden sliding in to home! And I'll bet your heat is way tolerable!