Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday AM coffee

August has flown by it seems.

Today is the first double header for the fall baseball league. The boys have had three practices and a different coach each time so it will be interesting IF we don't get rained out. Supposed to rain or storm most of the day I guess.

Every afternoon and evening this week I've been making salsa or pickles. Last night I made some bread and butter pickles for my Dad. I haven't made them since my first year canning and used a different recipe, hope they are good.

Chyann starts college on Monday. The school has had freshman orientation for the last few days. Two gals she went to high school with moved into the dorms and they attended the events together. Exciting times!

Colton just moved into a new duplex with the girlfriend and Dozer. He doesn't start college until after Labor day so is busy getting organized when he isn't working his two jobs.

I think contrary to what Caden says, he is ready for school to start on the 1st of Sept.

Enjoy your Saturday. It's time to get ready :)

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Nicole said...

It's crazy to me that their school starts after labor day. I wish ours did around here but some of the schools have already been in for 3 weeks. CRAZY! So Chyann and Colton go to different colleges? I just realized all your kids have names with C. The other day talking to a friend, his family is that way too almost and I was like, this family brought to you by the Letter C. Sorry just sharing :) So how did the game go?