Sunday, August 21, 2016

A great start!

After a two hour rain delay, a fill in coach and no game plan the fall league began.

I never heard where their coach was, but the guy who stepped in to help out did a great job ~ considering he had never seen these boys before and had no idea what any of them were capable of. 

Caden taking the field for the first game. 

Caden and his buddy Drew getting ready to bat for the first time. 
This is Drew's first season with the fall program, but he and Caden have played together on the school and tournament team all year. 
As well as Caden did last year with this league, not knowing a single kid, I think he is glad to have a friend with him this season.  

Caden had some really nice hits and even flashed a bunt. The bunt wasn't successful, but it's always a challenge to try.  

Rounding third for home!

This isn't a great picture (damn fence), but you can see how thrilled they are to have both had good hits and scored runs. 

Getting ready to steal a base. 

Which he did pretty easily.

The boys handily won both games!
Which is a great start since the ten teams in this league will be seeded based on their prior game performances for the championship game day. 

aaah baseball. 
Not a bad way to spend a gloomy Saturday at all.

Today is beautiful and cooler. I'm not a fan of the cooler temps, but I suppose it is going to happen whether I like it or not. 

In other news, poor Dodger's allergies have started again. He is scratching, nibbling and sneezing. I'll be giving him benadryl which does help quite a bit until I get some meds from the vet tomorrow. 

Have a great Sunday :)

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Nicole said...

Okay, did I miss it? did they win or lose?