Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday AM coffee

The changing of seasons has begun to make itself evident here.
This is from the maple tree in the front yard. 

Our girl started college last week. 
She even sent us the requisite first day of school picture, which made my day.

Caden starts on Thursday and will be a big EIGHTH grader and Colton next Tuesday, he will be a college SENIOR

Fall ball continues. 
Yesterday two more games. They won the first and due to a few goofy errors tied the second one. It was a serious nail biter at the end. Caden stole home to get the tie run!
Their team is currently seeded number one though due to the point spread for all games combined. 

Nice hit to left field for a double. 

Ready to steal.

Scurrying back to second after a pop fly was caught. 

Sliding into home.

This is just before he stole home on the last game. 
They were really trying to pick him off so he couldn't get in, but he was just fast enough to get back and reset moments later to steal home! WHEW!

Chyann knows how much the snapchat pics give me a giggle so she has started sending me some good ones. 
This is my favorite lol

Anyhow, in other news the canning continues. 
Today will be tomato sauce, diced tomatoes and maybe a few whole tomato jars. 
I'm done with pickles. May still make a batch or two of salsa tho we'll see what I have left to work with after today. 

It's time to gather the tomatoes. 
Have a good one.


Ami said...

Our tomatoes are all getting ripe at the same time. Eric is the only person in the family who is interested in eating them, though. :)

I told him that he needs to plant things that real people eat. Like corn or crookneck squash. :-D

I love the 1st day of school photo, she's so beautiful. :)

It's amazing how fast they grow and then... go. Isn't it?
I always am so surprised when I think about it.
Matt's been married two years already.

Nicole said...

I love that she sent you the 1st day of school photo.