Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Twins game

We unexpectedly had the opportunity to attend a MN Twins game last night!
Having never experienced a big league game I didn't really know what to expect.

We brought along Caden's two best buddies.
Watching batting practice before the game, hoping for a foul ball to come their direction. 
Glad we got there early so we could explore the place a little. 
I was surprised how easy it was to navigate the stadium. 

Found our seats!

Which had a great view of home plate and the whole field. 

These guys had so much fun! We loved hearing them laugh and do funny stuff to try and get on the big screen. 

The skyline of the city was beautiful.

The attendance was around 22,500. 

I had my first $8.50 beer and it was pretty tasty.

Every home run hit is cause for fireworks!
There were three last night. 

A great time had by all of us!

I will say that with the hassle of trying to get downtown, avoiding road construction, getting lost, one way streets, the crush of people on the sidewalks and the freaking heat I was thinking this might be the last big league game I went to. 
After all that crap though, sitting in the stands and enjoying the live game more than made up for it.

Then the game was over and all these people were leaving. 
I was so surprised how smooth the exit was. Unbelievable.
When we hit the sidewalks is when it got a little sketchy.
Three or four homeless people on every block and what looked to me like scary thugs intermingled with this throng of baseball fans making their way to their cars. Super glad we only had to walk two blocks to our parking garage.  

I was worried about finding our way out of there in the dark, but the way out had no construction and traffic moved at a fast clip. I was unnerved at how fast traffic moved. One thing goes wrong with any of the vehicles around you and you are toast. 

Anyhow, we made it home and fell into bed. 
Glad we took the day off from work. 

I see a nap in my future and some canning. 
More pickles and maybe some tomatoes.

later :)

PS I totally forgot to add that the Twins lost to the Astros lol Great game tho!

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Nicole said...

That's awesome that you went and enjoyed yourself! I've seen the St. Louis Cardinals but I want to go to a KC Royals game.