Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday AM coffee

Wheeler ball is officially over. 
The boys had a great weekend playing up against teams that had boys 13 and 14 years old. 
Winning one game and loosing three, but two of the games they only lost by one or two runs. 
So really they played amazingly for a bunch of 12 year old boys!

The field had eagle nests in a few of the lights.
I tell you those baby's are loud!

Some of the boys resting between games in the shade checking out the eagles flying around.

Exciting slide into home for Caden!
Do you see the ball coming?

How about here?
It is about four inches from his left fore arm.
Even though he got hit by the ball he was safe as his feet had already slid onto home plate!

The result of getting hit by a fast flying ball is lace stamps on his arm which swelled up and was sore as hell for a few days. 

We continue to have copious amounts of rain weekly. 
Mowing seems to be a never ending chore, but we get it done and the place sure looks nice for a day or two until its time to mow again.

One of the storms we had last week scared the crap out of me. I was sure we'd have a tornado. The thunder and lightning were phenomenal and I swear I heard that freight train howl too.  
Scary stuff I tell you.

Ol' Dodge waiting for someone to come play ball with him.
He has pretty much picked all the low hanging apples from all the trees already.

Bunka and a few of her babies.

Any how.. 
A quiet weekend with no plans awaits us, imagine that.
later :)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Another TGIF week in review

Last weekends tournament was action packed and thrilling!

The boys won three out of four games.

Lot's of good hits, which leads to base stealing...

and sliding!
This one actually broke the base off it's anchors lol

It was mostly cloudy with temps in the low 80's, but I tell you when the sun did come out it was freaking miserably hot. You could feel the heat rolling off the field in waves. It was awful for the boys when they were in the outfield. Thankfully they took care of business fast enough most innings not to have to be out there long.

They took 2nd place!
The boys all got their own trophy's too!
Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE baseball?!?!?!?!?!
Great sport for kids to be involved in.

Big storms came through this week as well. 
Another 3 inches of rain and gusty wind brought down the dying black walnut tree. It fell into the live black walnut tree taking most of it down too. 

My vacation is cancelled again unfortunately.
No idea when the folks will be coming this way.

Another big weekend of baseball for the Wheeler boys and it's really supposed to get hot.
90's+ and they say the real feel could be up in the 100's.
Glad they are playing early both days before the temps get ugly.
There is a lake and swimming beach nearby where they are playing so I plan on bringing the swim stuff for afterwards. Should be fun.

Stay cool :)

Friday, July 10, 2015

TGIF and the week in review

It's been a cool week for July. Barely getting up to the 70's and down to the high 40's at night. 

So Chyann and I decided to take advantage of this nice horse riding weather. 
The bugs were ferocious though!

All the fields around us are planted in corn and it's getting tall so we try to stay next to the wash areas since it's a whole lot easier to ride through tall grass than it is corn.

Some areas of the wash were totally mowed down/pushed down like there had been a river flowing through it, which there probably was with the 9" of rain we had.

All was going well until the wash area gave way to corn and it was tall corn as you can see.
We've rode through tall corn in the past with no issues so decided to push on through it.

I had to pull my legs high up on Scotches' withers to stay on him; the corn was pulling at my legs like you wouldn't believe, almost sucking me off. 
Jenny freaked a little so Chyann got off and came out just hanging on her side. 

Jenny was fine at first, until we got on the drive way at which point she full out freaked.
No idea why. Horses are fickle like that I guess.
She even reared up which scared the absolute living shit out of Chyann (and me)!!
I gotta give the girl credit though she stayed on and the moment Jenny's front hooves touched the ground she brought her around in an emergency stop type bend. 
Then got off. 
Scary shit folks. 
Catching her breath afterwards.
She even got back on and rode her home.
That girl has got grit. 
Me? I'd have probably pissed my pants then puked from fear (I wasn't far from it actually).

Meanwhile back home the Hubby was oblivious to the drama taking place just down the driveway as he did Gypsy's hooves with a little help from Dodger.
Why do dogs love hoof scraps?

The rest of the evening was spent decompressing on the back porch.
Did I tell you I got some new flower baskets?
I love them.

Big baseball weekend coming up and it's going to be HOT and HUMID!
Those boys better take care of business quick when they are in the field as this heat and humidity will suck the juice right out of them.

Have a good one :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


that Chyann and I actually got out for a ride yesterday!

I am charging my old camera to take with us the next time we ride. 
Trying to take pictures with a cell phone is about the worst idea.
Damn thing is too complicated to try and handle with one hand while you've got reins in the other and all that.

Was an interesting ride with all the rain we had earlier in the week.
The horses sank up to their hocks every other step. Lots of jockeying in and out of mud holes.
Made for a fun ride I tell you.

Happy humpday!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The wet wet wet...

Early yesterday morning the storms started.
It stormed most of the day. 
Thunder, lightning and heavy rain.

I had to pump water off the pool three times and the Hubby did it after he got home as well. 

The rain gauge showed 7 inches of rain at one point, but the next time I went out it was over flowing. I suppose I should have dumped it then, but at that time it was hardly raining and I figured it was about done. 
I was wrong.
After I dumped it we got another inch.
In total I'd say we got about 9 inches.
The neighbors said they got 8.5 inches.

Thankfully no serious winds were associated with those storms. 
There was some localized flooding on a few roads around us. 
Only a tiny bit of water in our basement which is surprising and we hardly had any water in the barn which was even more unusual because it usually has the most water flowing into it lol

I don't think we've ever had a rain event like this since we've been here in WI. 
It was quite impressive. 
Imagine if that 9 inches of rain had been snow?
10 inches of snow equals just one inch of rain so we'd have been looking at a whopping 90 inches of snow.. Now that would be a nightmare!

My vacation has been moved out a week successfully - YAY!


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

We had a great 4th filled with swimming, eating and fireworks. 

The boys watching one of those paper lanterns fill with hot air.

My Mother has had to push their trip here back a week. I'm going to see if I can adjust my vacation accordingly. Fingers crossed that I can. Lot's of folks off in July already and we are pretty busy.

The Dozer update.
Colton has been working with him a lot. He has a lot of potential to be a good dog.
Just this week he has caught on his own (I think) three squirrels and one unidentified small animal.
He did not kill the squirrels right away but carried them around and played with them. He will groom them as well. How strange is that?
Colton has been gone this weekend so Dozer stays in the kennel at night. That little shit started barking and carrying on at 3a. Freaking pissed me off I tell you. Course I couldn't go back to bed after that until almost 5a. grrrrrr.

Pumpkin pie aka Bunka and her babies.

Anyone need a kitty?
They sure are cute.

The corn as of this morning is quite a bit taller than knee high. 
Makes it easier for Scotch and Jenny to grab a mouthful as we walk through it on our rides. 
When the dogs come along they have a tendency to scare the shit out of the horses popping out here and there in the corn. Which as you can imagine gets your heart pumping lol

Have a good one :)

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The 4th

Happy 4th of July!

I had yesterday off from work and spent the day weeding both gardens and mowing. 
Made for a long day, but the place sure looks nice now. 

While weeding the small garden I saw a snake and it about gave me a heart attack!
It slithered just a few inches from my hand. 
Caden saw one too when he was sweeping the lawn and I came across two different snake skins in the big garden which totally creeped me out - shudder...
Seems there are a lot more snakes around this summer than we've encountered before. 
I wonder why that is. 

We are having some baseball folks over today for a BBQ. 
I'm going to be making the now traditional 4th of July pistachio pie
I'll have to make to when my Mother is here, she'll love it.

Speaking of baseball the school team played their final game on Thursday against a team that includes three of our Wheeler players.
It was a great game!
We were down early, but came back and won 7 to 2!

Caden wanted to end the season the way he started it with a home run.  He ended up with one double, two singles and one pop fly that he got out on, instead. 

Video of the double. Man I love baseball! (when he plays lol)

Caden on third base with a Wheeler player on the mound. 

Steeling into home!
He got into a bit of a pickle between third and home. 
I remembered to pick up the damn camera on this race into home. 
Wish I'd have started recording when they were chasing him between third and home. It was outrageously exciting!

Gorgeous red sun on the way home that evening. 

Two more tournaments with the Wheeler boys and the season will be done.
Caden is already asking about wrestling camps and possibly fall baseball.

The big kids continue to work all the time and neither will be able to take any extra time off from work when my Mother and Gerry are here, which is a bummer.
I however am going to be off for 10 days!
Can't wait!!

Oh hey, I almost forgot... Our cow had her calf finally.
Not sure what it is yet as she is way out in the neighbors pasture.
I thought she'd be coming home shortly after having the calf, but apparently she'll be staying there to be bread back in August or September. I had thought the Hubby would just sell her to the neighbor, but I guess not. Or at least not right now.

 Have a wonderful safe Holiday!