Friday, December 21, 2012

Tis the season....

For Christmas concerts.

The High School concert was fantastic!
Chyann even had a solo!

You'll hear her playing throughout the piece.
It's a tinging sound.
Originally it was to be a solo for the cow bell.
Then it was a spoon solo.
In the end it was her hitting a hunk of steel with some kind of music mallet. 

Yes, that is the Hubby at the end saying "more cow bell"

You ever see that SNL skit with Christopher Walken?
Well, that is what the cowbell comment was all about. 

And I'd share a video of Caden's concert, but it would make you sea sick beyond belief. 
As you can see in this picture,  he is taking after his older brother in being a major ham when the camera is pointed in his direction.

He has all his buddies talked into being in band and choir next year.
His group of buddies will be a fun bunch to watch grow up.



Colton made it home from school yesterday.
He scared himself shitless by running into the ditch and quickly out again when a car swerved in his direction and almost hit him.

We got about three inches of snow, but the wind was freaking howling all day. 
Made for some drifts here and there.
Heard on the news that the Madison area got something like 20 inches of snow.

No, I am still not ready for Christmas.

There are presents to be bought, wrapped and cookies to be made yet.
Planning on heading out tomorrow after I get off work to hopefully finish it up and get the weekly grocery shopping done.

Time it flies
I'm running out of time this Christmas.
Although I am finding some spark of  Christmas spirit within myself.
Better late than never right?

Have a good weekend :)


Ami said...

HO HO HO to you and yours! I love Christmas Concerts. :)

SunnySD said...

The sounds of the holidays :) So glad Colton made it home safely!

I think I finally have the majority of my shopping done - baked cookies and frosted them with my sister and my niece this afternoon. (She's three, and was very excited about the mixing and measuring portion of the baking process, but when we got to decoration she "frosted" 2 cookies, announced, "this is boring" and watched us decorate the rest while eating sprinkles one by one - lol!). Family - the best holiday tradition.

Nicole said...

Ah wonderful school concerts. I went to one of those just Monday night, but kind of forgot the camera. woops :) I love that he's hamming it up in that photo!!