Monday, December 17, 2012

Basketball and other stories

It rained most of the day Saturday.
Not a lot of snow left - bummer.

We went to Turtle Lake for the last basketball tournament.
Yes, the last. 
Short season for 4th grade boys.
Next year I'm told, will find me wishing the season was shorter (oct thru feb)

The boys played three rocking games!
Short video of Caden.
 He missed the basket, but it was oh so close... drat.

He made this shot.


I love basketball.
Already looking forward to next year.
We are thinking maybe a basketball camp this summer too.


Afterwards the kids had a bowling party to celebrate their short but successful season.


I even bowled and managed to break most of my nails back to the quick - ouchy!
Damn balls are heavy and my rotten arthritic hand does not like trying to throw the ball.
Was a lot of fun, but definitely don't think I'll be bowling much in the future.

I think we'll be going back up to Turtle Lake one of these days.
They've got a casino there - not that I'd do any gambling, but would like to see some shows they have.
And it's not too far from a ski/snowboard/tube hill that I really want to go to this winter.
I have skiing on the brain this winter. 

Still not quite ready for Christmas, but closer.
Got the cards mailed out today.
The xmas picture is not the best, even considered not doing one this year, but the kids/hubby outnumbered me in the vote.
Glasses glare for me, dour looks from Caden and the Hubby. Colton looks happy tho and Chyann's arms look "normal" whatever that means.

Next year I'm going to ask pretty please for my friend Sherri to take our picture because she is a wonderful photographer.

No company planned for dinner - trying to talk Krissy and TJ into coming over though. 
For those of you that are Krissy fans, she is doing well. 
New job and moving is keeping her busy - and lack of internet.

Colton has finals this week, then he'll be home for 33 days. 
We are really looking forward to him being around more - or at least I hope he plans on hanging around some. He did get his old job at Taco Johns back so I know he'll be working some.

A place where you hope and believe your children will be safe. 
Friday's news made me want to get in my van and go get them all. 
Bring them home and hold them close. 

Take care.


tainterturtles said...

I went to Turtle Lake once with some friends and played the quarter machines!!! Hey, the buffet was pretty good if you just want to go to eat!

I miss Aunt Krissy's blog posts.

Hope you have a good week Kellie.

Nicole said...

Oh he looked like that shot should have made it... darn ball! I love that they went bowling afterwards and don't you hate how the ball breaks your nails!

SunnySD said...

Can't believe how quickly the fall/winter semester went! Your bowling trip sure looks like fun - it's been ages since I went. Maybe over the holidays :)