Sunday, December 9, 2012

Basketball and other stories

Sunday oh Sunday.

It's snowing out.
Winter storm warning.
Predicted to get anywhere from 5 to 8 inches.
It's a little breezy too.

Yesterday Caden was in his first basketball tournament.
The boys played three games.
(I had a sore throat last night from shouting and cheering so much)

Since we have a big team they rotated into the game in groups of five every five minutes.

As I figured Caden played great defense, getting a lot of rebounds and stealing the ball on numerous occasions then passing it to his teammates to take down.

When he had the ball for offense he seemed a little timid, until the last game when I think he found his confidence and made a great shot!
Oh man was that a wonderful moment - had to whistle and jump up and down since I just couldn't yell loud enough at that point.

Team picture after the game.
If you can't tell which is me, I'm the one with the damn glare on her glasses.
 That sure is irritating.
The gal next to me has glasses on and she has no glare - what is up with that?!
Caden is front and center looking all cool.


Next Saturday we've got another game up in Turtle Lake.
Can't wait.

In  other news....

We've got the hot tub up and running again - YAY!

The Hubby and I were relaxing in it the other night when out of the corner of my eye I see this blur and splash into the water. 
Jets are on high with bubbles on.

I look at him and say what was that, then I feel something on my foot. 

OMG it's a CAT!

I scramble to the area where I felt the fur with my foot and start scooping in the water to grab her.

When I finally get a hold of Jinxie she is sputtering and totally freaking out.
SO I'm standing in the hot tub holding her high screaming at Caden to open the door and get this cat!
(remember the hot tub is right off the living room on the porch)
He finally comes unglued from the TV to hear me screaming and gets her inside.

It was like she was just going to hop up on the side and slid right into the water.
Happened so fast I hardly knew what I'd seen.
She is no worse for the near drowning experience and got to stay the night in the house, which she loved.

The scratches on my left arm and hand are superficial, but sure were sore for a day or two.
Quite a funny/embarrassing/strange story to have to explain to my Hand doctor that I just happened to have an appointment with with next day.

Diagnosis on that?
Tendinitis in the left hand and maybe more than the basil thumb arthritis in my right.
Blood tests come back next week some time. 
I'm sure all I have is rotten loose joints, but the Doc is not so sure.
Guess we'll see.

Are you ready for Christmas?
I'm not. 
Many, many things on my to do list.

Better get started on some of them now before the football games start.

Have a nice Sunday :) 


Anonymous said...

I am glad you have your tree up.wish I did Caden plays like someone I use to know.I love you Kiss the kids for me.Mom

Nikker said...

OMG! A cat in the hot tub... I can't even imagine what went through that poor kitty's mind!
Sounds like a great tourney! My mom would yell herself hoarse at our games...then resort to whistling...and man oh man could/can she whistle!! She could not be silenced! :0)

Nikker said...

Ooops... for got to add, that I am NOT even close to being ready for Christmas...eeek!!

Nicole said...

OMG that would be scary to see the cat fall in. We have a hot tub too and I've had my dog pounce in with us before. And that is weird how your glasses are glared and hers aren't. Must be the way you're looking vs her? or the camera position. craziness! Just think of it as twinkle in your eyes :)

SunnySD said...

OMG!! Sitting here in McDonald's with people staring because I just snorted coffee out my nose... Poor Jinxie! I bet she avoids even the vicinity of the hot tub from now on. Sure glad you were there to fish her out!

I haven't done a lick of Christmas anything yet. Really need to get my butt in gear on that - want to send some of your blizzard down our way? Not only could we use it, but maybe it would get me in the spirit of the season!!!