Thursday, December 13, 2012

It looks like...

we'll be having a white Christmas after all!

After it was all said and done we got about 14" of snow and a snow day for the kids on Monday.
Not Colton though, he had to traverse the snowy/icy roads back to River Falls.
YAY for the hay guy who came and plowed the driveway so he could make it for his first class!
The Hubby had broke a trail at 4a with the truck, but his trail had all drifted in when Colton was ready to leave.

After work I/we spent about four hours moving snow.


The Hubby who hates heights of any kind, had to clean off the huge drift which developed between the two sections of the roof.  


Caden made a very cool snow fort.


 Chyann had to get Jenny out for the first deep snow ride. 
No pictures of that as I was working at the time. 

Gorgeous sunset. 


Somehow from last winter to this I've managed to loose my bunny boots. 
 I put them away somewhere and just can't remember what I did with them.
So, now I need some new boots. 


Funny story for the day.
Yesterday after work I was taking a nap on the couch.
I zonked right out and immediately (or so it seemed) began to dream about being at Caden's basketball practice. We were doing drills with the ball, passing it back and forth - chest passes and bounce passes. When all the sudden someone yells WATCH OUT! but I turned too late and the ball hit me right in the face!
At which point I am jerked from sleep by what felt like the concussion from that hit!
How weird is that?! 
Needless to say I couldn't go back to sleep - I had just gotten smashed in the face lol

I'm working in the office tomorrow and will start, yeah you heard that right, start my Christmas shopping when I get off. 
I don't know why I have such a hard time getting motivated for Christmas shopping. 
Also need to get the Christmas cards sent off and mail some junk.
Tomorrow will be long - I foresee that a Papa Murphy's pizza or Taco Johns take out will be dinner - not to mention a couple glasses of chillable red.

Speaking of eating out.
We don't do it often. 
Living a half hour from fast food is good and bad. 
Good in that you don't eat a lot of shit food, but also bad on those nights you just don't feel like cooking.

Anyhow, a week or so ago I had decided we were gonna get that BIG BOX deal you see advertised from PizzaHut and if you ordered on line you could get a free thing of soda pop.

I ordered it all on line and specified the time I wanted to pick it up, which was two hours in the future. That would give me enough time to do my running around and kid picking up and be just in time to get the pizza.
Wouldn't you know it right after I hit submit my order, the Hubby says what kind of pizza did you order for me? I said your usual and he says well I think I want 4 meat instead. 
hmmmm.. alright.. how to fix this..... 
So I called up the Pizzahut location that I'd online ordered with and said:

Me: I just placed an order online and made a mistake with my order, can I change one of the pizzas?
Pizza lady: let me check with my manager. 
After being on hold forever she comes back
Pizza lady: Sorry no, your pizzas are already in the oven and the order can't be changed now. 
Me:  let me get this straight, I stated that I wanted my pizzas ready at 7pm and you have just put them in the oven to be cooked at 515pm?
Pizza lady: yes.
Me:  whatever happened to fresh pizzas? I don't want pizza that has been sitting on your counter for almost two hours. Cancel that order.
Pizza lady: but you can't! They are already in the oven!
Me: well I'm not paying for cold pizza.
Pizza lady:  ok, I'll tell my manager.

 I think the issue is over and I'll be finding something else for dinner.
About 15 minutes later the Hubby calls on my cell and says Pizza hut called and made a mistake with my order and they thought I was talking about another order and yes they could change the order so did I now want it?
Yeah, so we had PizzaHut that night. 

Have a good one!
 I'm off to basketball practice and will be on the look out for any balls coming in my direction!


tainterturtles said...

Wow, your pizza story made my head spin! Wrong order, wrong person....geez. Glad it worked out ok. As for those two glasses of wine....glad you know how to relax Kellie girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kellie,Glad you got your pizza strainged out.Your place looks like a winter wonderland.So very pretty.but it makes me cold just to look.Ebeth said the day you got 14 inches of snow they got 18 and it was trying to rain when I talked to her.Must get to u Mom

Lyndylou said...

Your house looks like a Christmas Card :) I can never get motivated for Christmas shopping either, I suppose it's because it's one thing on a list of many that us mums have to do at Christmas!

Nicole said...

That snow is gorgeous and made the sunset that much prettier. It's brown here :)

SunnySD said...

You snow was gorgeous! Sorry to hear that it's gone already - it sure would have made for a beautiful Christmas morning. And that snow fort - what fun!!!

We only ended up getting about 2" out of that whole storm, although I think a lot of it may have just blown away. The worst of it was the blowing snow - they closed one section of highway near us due to visibility issues for while. We lost power briefly but that was about the extent of it.

How's the Christmas shopping coming? I haven't done most of mine yet either. Maybe tomorrow! LOL!