Monday, November 26, 2012

Last day

I can't believe how fast these last six days have flown.
I sincerely hate to have to go back to work tomorrow.

It's cold here this morning. 
About 18*.
We could sure use some moisture.
Snow, rain, sleet - whatever as long as it's wet.

Caden hanging out while I was brushing the fuzzy horses last week.


 Have you put your Christmas tree up yet?
We haven't.
Probably wont for another week or two either.
I've got no holiday spirit - yet.

Although I did mess around with our Christmas picture some yesterday.
Thought I had it just right, when Chyann declares that I can't use that picture because her arms look strange.
I'm like what? are you kidding me!?!
I told her to find one that she liked then and of course she can't. 
Christmas picture saga to be continued...

I'm off.
Going to go enjoy the rest of my day.
Think I'll take Gypsy out for a ride. 

Have a good one :)


Nicole said...

We try to keep my step-daughter included in our Christmas tree decorating so we put ours up this weekend since she was here and well the hubs wanted to put it up back in August :)

Anonymous said...

Haha. Arent those teenagers lovely. Im excited to see the chosen picture.

tainterturtles said...

Nope, no Christmas tree. With four cats, I think the Christmas tree will be outside on the deck!

PAK ART said...

No tree yet. I don't usually do it till about 2 weeks before Christmas. And why do Chyann's arms look strange? That seems like an odd protest. Usually it's the smile, or the eyes or something like that. I'm sure she looks just fine!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kellie, just got to the library and looked at you blog. Looks like you had a lot going on last week even if you did take a long ass nap! Love you xx00


Ami said...

"Arms look strange."

That really cracked me up. (Sorry)

My tree does NOT go up until AFTER my birthday. (11th).

I want there to be a separation there, since I never got that as a kid.