Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hump day!

We got all that wood in the basement on Sunday in record time.
Only took about three hours with all hands on deck.
Decided to call it a day after that - had to get in my Sunday afternoon football nap after all. 

Had a little Birthday celebration for Colton.
(because I've been bugging him to let me give him a hair cut he had the girlfriend straighten his hair, hence the strange hair - the kid has the best curly hair ever and doesn't appreciate it)

Basketball started too.
There are about 20 boys that signed up.
Only about a quarter of them have any clue about basketball, so me and two other Mothers got recruited to be assistant coaches. 
Imagine that!

Like I've got much experience though.
I played in fourth and fifth grade, which was about a hundred years ago.
The other two ladies were super stars in High School so at least they know what the hell they are doing. 
I'll just watch them and pretend that I know what to do!

The boys doing laps.
They even did some basic exercises.

One of the other Ladies was wearing jeans like me and said she'd have to buy new sweatpants if she was going to be an assistant. I told her I had sweatpants, but none that I'd wear in public. 
The other gal chimes in and says we could wear shorts you know and both of us said that would require shaving our legs, so nope lol

The rain woke me up yesterday morning.
It was just pouring.

I didn't realize that when it quit pouring, the rain turned to snow.
I looked out my office window and was quite surprised to see the white.

It flurried off and on all morning, but was gone by the time the kids got home from school.

Cute picture of the day.
Caden and Shasta Breeze.

Happy Hump day :)


Anonymous said...

Kellie Kellie Kellie Kellie Kellie.
you are a crack up.
I can relate to the no shaving legs! I was going to go on strike and not shave mine until the NHL players quit striking! but, I thought that might not be a good thing. But, its definitely warmer!

have a great rest of the week and weekend.

Nikker said...

The leg shaving made me laugh too!! After the end of August, it's off the to do list until April or May! (0:
How cool you get to help coach the kids! My mom helped (100 yrs ago) when I was in grade school, I was so proud as a kid! It was awesome!
Looks like we're getting some of that dastardly white stuff right now too... )0:

Nicole said...

Holy cow all these people and talking about snow already! And yey for wood in the house. Now you can come finish cutting up ours please ;)

Anonymous said...

Kellie you have been busy,I know you shave your legs every 3 mo.wheather they need it or not
isnt that enough?
Gerry thought Colton looked like Caden with his hair straighten.Thats scares me all those wild things around.Be careful
Love u Mom
Kiss the kids for me