Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crazy story for the day

I'm in my office on a conference call when the dogs start barking their fool heads off.

Figure they are barking at those imaginary bunnies or big-foot is at the back door.

After a bit they settle down.

I got off my call and continued working.

Few minutes later I hear the strangest sound. I can't even describe it.
 Just a weird urgeling/wheezing kind of thing.

So I look around


find to my surprise


Pumpkin Pie.

She has two fly sticky tape strips wrapped around her body!
From the tips of her ears to the tip of her tail.


She was actually pretty calm as I try to peel this incredibly sticky shit off of her.

Course her fur is caked with this gunk.

Time for a kitty cat bath break.

Off to the tub for her first bath, which was another first that I do not wish to ever repeat.

Soaping up a freaking out cat is no easy feat, but in the end she went docile and hung cupped in my hand like she was boneless. 

Apparently this sticky shit is water proof so the traumatic bath was all for naught.

Wrapped in a towel she sat in my lap and dozed while I worked.

Every so often I'd use my scissors to cut a chunk of that gunk out of her hair.  

Going to take a few days to cut it all out.

 Are you wondering where those sticky fly tape things came from?
The Hubby had two of them hanging down in the wood room.
Since we moved all that wood in and it warmed all up, sometimes you'll get bugs coming out of the wood so he hung them up in hopes of catching any that might be around.

I am assuming Pumpkin came up from the basement thrashing like a manic which is what got the dogs barking. 
How she managed to make it up two different flights of stairs, traverse four dogs who probably thought she was wanting to play and up to my office is beyond me. 
Definitely a tough little thing.

No pictures available of this crazy event as I was home alone and needed both hands lol


We had a great time at my friend Sherri's party on Saturday nite.
She is the BEST party planner.
We played Friendly Feud - think Family Feud and all the questions were about her.
What a riot!
Mr Freeze had a us all laughing so hard!
A great time for sure!
Stayed up waaaay too late though, by the time we got home and had a snack it was 3am before I got to bed and was up waaaay too early at 8a.
Which meant I took my Sunday football nap from 1230 till almost 6p!
Damn, what a waste of the day. Hate it when that happens.

It's been a busy week with basketball practice and working as much OT as I can squeeze in.
For whatever reason my ass doesn't hurt quite so bad this week, must be developing some good ol' trucker ass - able to sit for amazing long periods of time.

Working in the office tomorrow, which I am dreading. 
Not just the drive in, but hey I've also got to find something to wear that is not a holey sweatshirt and worn out jeans. 

Have a good one and beware of fly sticky tape and cats :)


Ami said...

When I stop laughing at the idea of your poor kitty, I will be crabby because YOU DID NOT TAKE A PHOTO!!


What a day!!

I would congratulate you on your tough ass, but that would just be... weird.

tainterturtles said...

Wow, can't believe your ordeal with kitty....poor kitty cat. So glad you were home with this happened! Never a dull moment at your house Kellie.

SunnySD said...

Oh, poor Pumpkin Pie! That's so funny!!! And yet I feel horrible for laughing about it. That poor, poor cat - first her nice new toy attacks her, and then she has to have a bath, and now she's got bald patches - lol!

Nikker said...

O.M.G! That must have been a sight! Poor cat! Good luck with the goo.

Nicole said...

I'll bet that would have been a sight to see! Poor cat!