Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 1 of 6 - MY Thanksgiving vacation

 Y'all almost got a real treat last night. 

I'd had on of those days and decided to do a little drunk blogging.
 (ok I wasn't really drunk, maybe tipsy, but it sounds ever so much more dramatic to say drunk)

Below is an excerpt of what, in the cold light of day I decided was alright to say:

I've had rotten shitty ass day and decided to do a little drunk blogging and like
 drunk texting I normally frown upon this, cuz you always seem to regret the shit you might say (not that i've ever done that, cuz im a lousy texter), but I'm going to make a special exception for tonight.

My shitty ass day is mostly a result of hormones, but there are other factors as well.

Between the terrible headache, being overly emotional (which I don't think I ever am) and teary as hell - I've had a few glasses of wine and that miserable headache finally went away!
This must mean another glass of wine is in order, to celebrate of course!

As for the hormones - Peri-menopause or menopause whatever the hell you want to call it - rip job of the century.

I used to be the "normal" one.
Now I'm the "hormonal" one.

What kind of a cosmic joke is this?!!!

Enough of that.
 I'm ever so glad at the last moment some common sense prevailed and I hit save instead of publish.

 My Mother and Gerry are not coming for Thanksgiving.
I can deal with that - mostly.
They would really like to come, but are unable to due to circumstances out of their control. 
 (a story I will not tell as it is not mine to tell, but irritating just the same)

So, I've got six days off.
With not a lot planned.

I've decided to blog everyday, even if I've got nothing to say. 

I was going to upload photos from this last week


guess what?

Google says I am over my damn limit of photos!

 And they want me to pay $$ on a monthly basis to upload more.
WTH kind of a scam is this?
How can I avoid this?
Because I'm cheap!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Below are the pictures I managed to get uploaded before google put the kabosh on uploading more.

Proof that Pumpkin Pie is really ok.
She is a pretty laid back kitty cat.
Can you see where I cut her hair?

An interesting picture of my girl and her horse.
Something about it that I really like. 

Our weather is wonderfully mild!
High 60's for the next few days.
Too bad it's still gun deer season, today would be a great day for a long ride.
I think we'll probably do a little riding around our place though.

Colton is home for the week too.
It's very nice to have him here.
Hope he plans on spending a little time with his siblings, they miss him very very much - especially Caden.

Basketball with Caden has really been a blast!
I've enjoyed every practice! 
You wouldn't believe how much the boys have improved, it's amazing!
Getting to know the other two assistant coaches better has been a bonus I sure didn't expect either.
We are actually thinking about trying to get a few more ladies interested and playing our own games.

Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law Elizabeth!
Hope you have a great day!

Until tomorrow :)


PAK ART said...

I'm sure all six days will be interesting! You've always got something going on with all your crazy animal antics. I've never drunk blogged - don't think it would be wise! Is it really that scary to go horse back riding with hunters out? Aren't they supposed to make sure they see a deer BEFORE they shoot?!

Nicole said...

One way to avoid paying, it's a bit of a pain in the butt, but you can open a free photobucket account, load the photos in there, copy the html and place that over in your posts. A bit of an extra step and a PITA but still better than paying the $5 IMO :). I generally don't do that, but some of my things are housed over there. Also, you can tie your blog to another email account, same blog, same url, just a different email and upload photos to that email.

Ami said...

Opening an account is free, as long as you order once a year or so, they store your photos forever.

And I won't address the drunk blogging thing except it made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Birthday wishes :)
It was amaxing talkingto you! We need to do that more often <3