Friday, May 11, 2012

The weirdest scary thing

just happened this morning

The horses are out in the yard doing a little mowing for me so I've got a rope across the driveway that has pink flags on it. This would not keep the horses in, but is a suggestion not to pass and they don't. Casper is the only one savvy enough to get under the rope and into the field. Which he rarely does anymore.


The farmer next door is spreading liquid manure on the field and I had my office window closed even though it is a nice day out ~ el'stinkO. I'm up in my office working away and am occasionally glancing out to see if the horses are around, in the front or back yard.

The dogs start barking - like crazy.

I look out and see this guy going under the rope at the driveway. The dogs are all around him barking. Shasta appears to be nipping at his heals. He is striding purposefully up the driveway. I can see a glint of red between the maple tree branches on the driveway.

I opened the window and yelled out, asking what he wanted.

He stops and looks up to see me up in the upstairs window and proceeds to tell me that he has literally ran out of gas on my driveway and did I have a gas can with any gas in it that he could have. I said no, I've got no gas available.

He then asks if he can get any from one of my vehicles - white van is in front of the garage. I said no.

He again states that his truck is out of gas on my driveway. I asked if he had someone he could call. He said no, he was on his way to the cities and how far was the next town? I told him five miles, but he could try the farm on the next corner.

He puts his hands on his hips and again states that he is out of gas on my driveway and is looking towards the Hubby's "stuff". He then abruptly turns and huffs off without another word.

All this time those four little lap dogs of ours are yipping and barking at him. Dancing around him. Annoying him I think.

I watch him go thinking that was just weird.

Then I hear a vehicle door slam and an engine roar to life as he backs his truck back up the driveway and out onto the road!

Then I get scared.

He lied about being out of gas. What did he want? Was he scoping out the Hubby's "stuff" or was it something else entirely?

So, if I turn up murdered or abducted or something equally wild like that, he was a little less than 6' tall, stocky build, dark brown short hair, blue jean shorts and a white t-shirt with white socks and dirty sneakers. About 25ish years old. The vehicle was a reddish-orange extended cab smaller pick up truck.

I've been nervy all day now. Wondering when I look out the window if his face will pop up in it.
Waaaay too many scary books and movies apparently.

And the horses were all in the back yard. Would have been kinda cool if they came thundering in and scared him off!

Good barking pups will be getting some treats too! Is it no wonder I call them my farm alarm?!!! Sure miss ol' Lucky. He was a lot bigger and more intimidating to strangers than my little girls are.


~mel said...

Good thing you were home ~ I think he was on his way in to siphon some gas and who knows what else. We had that going on around here last summer ~ siphoning gas and breaking ins right in the middle of the day. The dogs should of bit him in the ass on his way out!

Lisa said...

That is too strange. It must be the week for that. Our garden center lady had a man come into the greenhouse (the only way is through the entire store) and start saying he's got over 500 lilies and he lives in Bridgetown, then he lives in Yarmouth, then Calgary. He wants to leave by the locked gate. But she refuses. He finally huffs away. The strange thing is that nobody saw him except her. And you couldn't miss him. He was over 6'5" tall with long white hair and a long white beard and a big jacket. None of us saw him. Weird!!! You're experience is also weird and very scary. I think you just got him in time. He probably thought nobody was home. Maybe you should let the police know just in case.

tainterturtles said...

Wow, very scary for sure. Of all the houses, your driveway is long and way off the highway too. Sounds very suspicious to me. Good thing you have guard dogs!!!!!

Nikker said...

Yikes! Glad you guard dogs were out and able to alert you to danger. Big or small barking dogs are priceless.
Hope this fellow is gone for good!!

Ami said...

It sounds like straightforward robbery attempt. You should notify local police about what happened because he's out looking for someplace else that might be a good target. I bet you scared the shit out of him. I sure hope you did, actually. Little bastard.

Mikey said...

I'm with Ami, you should let the police know this guy is lurking around. What a weird thing. I definitely think he was up to no good. Be careful girl!!! Give those doggies some extra treats too :)

Aunt Krissy said...

Kellie! That just gives me the creeps! Maybe you need to get a bigger dog?

NNNN in Colo said...

Do you keep any protection handy - like a gun!! Thank goodness you were there and that he finally left!! Rural crime is increasing everywhere so be careful!!

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