Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Made it to the weekend once again!
And it's a three day one!

We rarely go anywhere over Memorial Day weekend, much to Chyann's dismay. Although she did have two separate offers to go camping with friends, she turned them both down. Camping in WI is not exactly my idea of camping anyhow. That is not to say I wouldn't like to go once or twice a year here in WI with some friends. In fact I'm trying to plan a trip or two for later in the summer.
Bottom line is we are home for the weekend with lots to do.

Had a surprise visit from our nephew Michael from ND on Thursday. He called up and said he'd be here in an hour! I'm like WHAT?! Good thing the Hubby was getting off early. They met up in Eau Claire and came home. Michael and his girlfriend were down in La Cross for a friends wedding and he was tired of wedding crap so popped up here to say hi. Hadn't seen him since his graduation two years ago. Visited for a few hours and he was back on the road to make the rehearsal dinner.

When I got off work I took Colton to the doctor. He was one sick puppy. Fever and unable to swallow his throat was so swollen. They tested him for strep and mono. Negative for both. Didn't really know what he had, but loaded him up with antibiotics, pain killers and steroids. As for me, feeling better somewhat, but not 100% yet. Had that sore throat on the left that has now moved to the right? WTH, will go with it and hope it resolves soon.

All the while we are at the doc's - 30 min drive SE from home, it is storming out like crazy. The sky turned BLACK like I've never seen before! The wind howled and shook the building! Lights flickered and blinked, but never went out. The thunder and lightening was constant. About the second scariest storm I've been in.

Afterwards they said straight line winds in excess of 80 mph. A shit load of trees down and damaged homes/buildings. No injuries though.

At home we must have just got the edge of the storm as the winds were not as strong and no damage. Thankfully. Caden's second game was cancelled too.

Earlier in the day I had turned off my office and home computers. Home computer must have gotten zapped or something as the monitor no longer worked. The Hubby, who is technology challenged declared "oh well" well get a new one, one of these days. Whatever. Fine. Until yesterday afternoon and he wanted something looked up on the computer and the info he was wanting couldn't be accessed. We went right out and got a new one. Not even 12 hours after he declared we didn't really need it. LOL dork-ola, see technology is a good thing even if YOU don't know how to use the shit.

Pictures taken throughout the week.

Casper was laying down, but popped up as I got near to take his picture.

Caden had to jump in and ham it up.

Not the best pictures of Jenny, but you can see how dark she is getting and see Shasta out harassing the calves in the background.

Love this color.

This lilac bush smells Divine!

Peonies are blooming too.

Went and got a my plants and seeds for planting yesterday too. I probably got too many tomato plants again, but hey can you really ever have too many? The varieties are awesome - a granny smith green variety that never turns red, one called Mr Ugly? can't wait to see what these look like, Whitey? really a white tomato? a bunch of standard canning and eating varieties too, along with my favorite Lemon Boy! Can't wait for that first ripe garden fresh tomato!!!!!

Have a safe weekend!

I'll be here toiling away in the garden :)


Ami said...

We had a thunderstorm here last night that made me a little nervous, yellow sky and thunder that shook the windows, but we didn't lose power.

Eric loves all kinds of weird varieties of tomatoes, too. Both my kids like them. I get my tomatoes from ketchup. ;)

SunnySD said...

Too cute, those pictures! I have bargain tomatoes this year from the sale bin at Menards after it hailed and they had some of their garden stock get semi-squashed. So far they've all survived me - but I'm not sure what I'll get if they make it to bearing height. Haven't ever seen a white tomato - you'll have to post a picture when/if! :)

tainterturtles said...

It stormed and rained all day here. What a way to start the holiday weekend. Hope you can enjoy yourself!

PAK ART said...

Happy Memorial Day! We too are staying home. Having a BBQ tomorrow with family. I just caught up on your blog - there's always something happening to you or the kids, hope Caden gets better soon and you too. I've been sick for past two weeks also. Finally starting to feel a little better.

Aunt Krissy said...

I just got my tomato plants the other day. I held back and only got 8, and some peppers, and lots of flowers to perk up the new home.

It was nice seeing you on Sunday and I'm thinking that on Thursday I will have some time!

Hope Caden and Colton are up and feeling better.