Sunday, May 13, 2012

For my Mother on Mother's Day

My Mother is one of a kind.

She is funny and sweet.

I have learned many, many things from my Mother that I'll always be grateful for.
(always wipe behind your kitchen appliances when wiping down your counters)

 She is always there when I need her.
Whether just on the other end of the phone line or in person.

We have the best time together, no matter what we are doing.
From hitting the thrift sales, to cooking, to just zoning out watching our favorite show The Golden Girls or playing scrabble.

We always laugh.
 Sometimes so much that I pee my pants and have tears streaming from my eyes.

A few interesting things about her are:

Biggest threat from her when I was a kid was "you'd better straighten up or I'll throw my shoe at you" as she slid off her shoe and held it in her hand like a baseball player ready to launch it.
 Believe me she had amazing aim and still has one hell of an arm on her.

Mom 2010

She believes in karma.
Never say any thing bad or derogatory about someone because it will come back right to you.
For instance: don't think that your son in law is a pansy when he complains your perfume is too strong and irritating his sinus/allergies because before too long you will be allergic to that same perfume and have a very sensitive nose, same as your son in law. lol

Mom 2011

She is wants to "make memories" for my kids so they remember her after she is gone. She does this  by doing things with and for them that will leave an impression on them.
She tells old family stories to my kids just about every time she sees them, so they know where they come from. 

Mom with flat Stanley last fall.

She is the kind of gal that is there when you need her. Like last year when she came up and helped take care of Chyann for almost a month when I had to go back to work. Playing numerous games, massaging sore achy muscles, helping with homework and about a million other things to help pass the time for Chyann while she grew 40mm of new femur bone.

This picture was taken right after Chyann's doctors confirmed she had achieved the 40mm of new growth and turned off the computers that were moving the fixator. She was so happy! We had to hold her up for this picture, but she was determined to be standing for it.

I could never say enough about how much my Mother means to me.

Mom you are wonderful and are everything to me. Thank you for all you are and everything you do!
I love you Mom!!

She also hates to have her picture taken. Which is why most pictures of her she has her mouth open telling you to put the camera down.

As for me this Mother's day - I have laryngitis. I can whisper, but not talk. A croak or peep is all I can manage.

Felt like I was coming down with a cold on Thursday. Some sneezes and a little sore throat Friday. Saturday very froggy throat that hardly hurt but I sounded terrible. Today I literally have no voice. Very interesting since I don't feel bad really.

I am planning on finishing the mow job on the lawn and taking a horse ride with Chyann to that ridge in the distance.

As for the creepy dude that showed up on Friday, the Hubby thinks it might be related to the weird incident we had about 10 days ago where this guy come roaring down the driveway right up to the garage jumps out and goes right into the open garage. The Hubby races from the barn to see who the hell just showed up and invaded his garage. The guy is all sorry about that - didn't mean to intrude, but do you want to sell that truck you  have sitting outside?
The Hubby gave him the bums rush off the property.
So, two strange incidents in less than two weeks.
He has taken care of talking to the county law enforcement.
Guess we'll see what, if anything happens next.

Hope all you Mother's have a FANTASTIC and enjoyable Mother's Day!


Ami said...

your mom is AWESOME!!

Happy Mother's Day to you, too.

And the weird occurrences on your property? Kellie, I hope you're armed and dangerous. Please be careful.

PAK ART said...

Hi Kellie! I haven't been blogging for a week or so. Kind of scary stuff going on at your place - maybe you should get a big dog the next time you think about getting another pet. Your mom sounds wonderful! Happy Mother's Day to you!

lyndylou said...

That man certainly sounds creepy! Hope he doesn't come back. Happy Mother's day to you too and you have a really cool mum x

Aunt Krissy said...

I love your mom! She makes me laugh too. Love to hear the stories about her throwing shoes at you! Your two stories about the odd things going on makes me worry.

Hope you feel better soon. I feel naked. I left my cell phone at work over the weekend.

NNNN said...

Remember your mom from the Cold Bay/Pen Air Day - always a lovely lady!! Sounds like you need to have several shot guns ready around your place!!

tainterturtles said...

That's a wonderful post dedicated to your mom. Hope you relaxed yesterday for Mother's Day!