Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cooking up a storm

Hey! I got the video to load!!! YAY!

Sure has been a wet weekend. Rained heavily Friday night, was wet and dreary yesterday until the sky's opened up mid-afternoon and some whopper storms early this am that kept me up and wondering if they'd turn severe.

Needless to say no mowing or outside work was done, so I spent the day in the kitchen cooking while it stormed. Thought the power might go off a few times too, but it didn't.
First up was some cinnamon rhubarb muffins that were divine - tender moist and delicious.

Since we LOVE LOVE Mexican food at our house and it was cinco de mayo I made spicy pork chimichangas like burritos - without the deep fry.

 I put the pork roast in the crock pot with a quart jar of homemade hot salsa and let it cook all day, then shredded it up and put in large tortilla shells with homemade Mexican rice and black beans and a smear of refried beans - jalapenos and hot sauce too if you like it even hotter and folded to be put into a 9x13 pan and then poured a mix of Velveeta and retell tomato's over top and cooked until the cheese was just thinking about getting brown.

Remove from pan and put all your favorite fixings on top.

It was AMAZING! Major YUM!! 

And for desert Rhubarb strawberry pie.
 I tried a new recipe that called for a secret ingredient that would really make your pie a wonder - a teaspoon of orange rind, but I didn't have an orange so I improvised and used grapefruit rind. 

HOLY COW is it the best pie I've ever had!
Some thing about that grapefruit rind really makes the rhubarb/strawberry flavor just POP!
So here I sit having the last piece of pie for breakfast with my coffee.
Umm-umm good.

 Might have to make another one today.


Ami said...

You obviously have way too much time on your hands if you have time to cook like that!!!


I'd head over, but I'm sure the next pie would be all gone by the time I got there anyway.

You need to give me a couple month's notice.

Avery Smithkin said...

And I suppose you're just going to keep that rhubarb strawberry pie recipe a secret?

Aunt Krissy said...

Yum, pie, did you make your own crust? I never do. Chy looks very serious! I agree, a rainy day is nice as you don't feel guilty about not getting outside work done.

lyndylou said...

All that food looked so yummy! The weather here is wet and yucky too. So sick of rain!

tainterturtles said...

Everything looks delicious. Please post your rhubarb pie recipe Kellie. What's the secret recipe?

I just posted my rhubarb custard pie recipe tonight under the Turtles recipes on my blog menu.