Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back to the grind

I am working in the office this week for training on a process that wont entirely be going overseas. So for a short week it is going to be a long one I fear.


My big weekend plans didn't quite all work out as it rained all day on Saturday. Which was probably not a terrible thing since I only did laundry and held the couch down while watching movies - resting up.

Sunday was hotter than hell! Loved it!
We got the pool up and running and the hot tub cleaned out and ready for another round. You've got to drain it and clean the filters about every three to four months. It appears the breaker was struck by lightening during the storm last week and blown.

Monday Chyann marched in the Memorial Day Parade in town.

A fantastic turn out compared to last year.
And doesn't she look great in her uniform?!?!?!

Chyann w/her buddy Vanessa

Chyann happy to see Colton showed up for the Parade and telling her she did great!

Tara (the girlfriend), Colton, Chyann, Caden, Vanessa and one of Caden's friends.


Got the gardens planted and we are ready to roll there. Still need to put down mulch to prevent the weeds some though.

Caden had his first baseball game last night and they lost 4 to 0. The boys were pretty bummed, but for their first game did great. The other team had played two last week and were not in the least bit nervous like our boys were.

Caden hit twice and made it to first base twice! Even got two boys out too!
Exciting stuff I tell ya, it did my sore throat absolutely no good shouting and cheering at the game, but I loved it.

Got to run, work is calling. Have a good one :)


Kellie said...
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Anonymous said...

Good pictures of the kids, they are growing up.