Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another NOT so Wordless Wednesday

Monday was Caden's first Baseball game and the other team didn't show, they had their schedules mixed up or something.

Caden is the fifth one from the left. 

The kids practiced for two hours though. Caden up to bat.

The next game is tomorrow and it's supposed to rain all day.

The weather has been nice, if a bit blustery.

Got the lawn mowed and it needs it again already.

Got all the supplies to get the pool going this weekend.

The little garden and almost half of the big garden are ready for planting this weekend.

Really looking forward to this three day weekend - sleeping in and riding horses I hope. 

Krissy brought over Wilbur and Harvey yesterday. They are still hiding out in the bathroom.

Colton and the girlfriend found a baby bunny and brought it home. After it escaped twice I convinced them we do not need a bunny in the house or caged outside. What do you do with a pet bunny anyhow? They let it go. YAY!

Work has been interesting. Management has assured my new team that we will all still have jobs in six months, but we will be split and moved around sometime between now and then. They are planning on moving the work I currently do to India - nice, eh? So do I apply for other jobs within the company now or wait for them to shuffle the deck?

Still sick too.
Whatever this is that I have, has been kicking my ass. Even went to the doc and got antibiotics, they didn't seem to have much effect since I still feel like crap. Sore throat is only on one side of my throat now so maybe thyroid? and no energy? Might be going back soon.

Happy Humpday :)


Ami said...

Great. Moving it to India.
I have a friend who, when she gets an obviously Indian voice on the phone says, "I pressed one for English. May I please have that option?"

Start applying now. Can't hurt, might help.

Hope you're feeling better sooner rather than later.

Aunt Krissy said...

Sorry that you're still sick. That's kind of a worry that you might be out of a job in 6 months, but then this might be good thing. Might be a better job out there for you.

Anonymous said...

Kellie... when my thyroid wacked out , I had a sore throat on one side .. one of my co-workers figured it out.. so I had to tell the doctor to check it out. I had a "hypo" thyroid... lost about 15 lbs before the meds kicked in.. loved it.. I was only on meds about 6 months and its been fine since.. and its been about 10 years or so. Maybe get it checked! ..
I was wondering what Kris did with her cats... would be a little tight in a 5th wheel with people, dogs and cats!!

have a great long weekend. I'm taking Friday off so will have a 4 day weekend! hope to go halibut fishing at least once and get my garden ready to go.